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Students turning to Australian Universities

Research has shown that more and more overseas students are turning to Australian Universities to study. Overall, last year, international student numbers grew by 15%. The research has also shown that out of 30% International student population, Chinese students accounted for 11%.

The Australian economy benefits by a staggering $22 billion from International Students.

International students attending Australian Universities isn’t anything new. However, this latest growth has again reinforced Australia as the students preferred learning location. It is easy to see why; out of the top 100 best universities worldwide, Australia has 35 according to Times Higher Education ’s World University Rankings 2016-2017


Within the top five Universities in Australia, University of Melbourne is ranked number one with ANU at number two, University of Sydney in third place, University of Queensland in fourth and Monash University in fifth. Even more interesting is that Hague Australia is lucky enough to count 27 Universities within the top 35 in Australia as long standing customers with a mix of security print for certificates, testamur’s, AHEGS, etc. and our market leading student queue management system QLess.

QLess Student Queue Management is a virtual queue management system allowing students to interact with student service centre allowing the student to view real-time queue data and then join a virtual queue.  QLess keeps the students updated as to their place in the queue allowing the student time to get a coffee, carry on revising or simply do whatever they want.  Today, QLess is used in nearly forty campuses throughout Australia, and it is fast becoming the Australia leading Student Queue Management solution.

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