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Hague Australia customers include some of the leading Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail & Financial Service organisations.  Our Security print and & brand protection solutions ensure that a companies brand is protected by using bespoke holograms and utilising the latest techniques of security print.  Whilst our certificate infill services, help Australia’s leading Universities achieve efficiency at Graduation time.

Our technology solutions help companies introduce business efficiency into their organisations with solutions such as the market-leading queue management and customer experience solution QLess.  QLess queue management is used in University Student Centres, Government Council Offices and within Retail.  Our PremierSign solution helps businesses maximise on meeting room efficiency.

As part of our technology portfolio, we offer PremierGrad which is used in Universities & Education facilities for the management of students during Graduation Services.   Our PremierCert solution is an online student and customer validation solution.  PremierCheque is a  Cheque scanning solution is an instant online cheque scanning and verification solutions used by banks and building societies throughout the world.  Additionally, Hague Australia also supplies Cheque Scanners and Readers.

With offices in Victoria & Queensland, Hague Australia works with Australia’s leading brands which include Universities, Government, Financial Institutions, Retailers, Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers and many more.

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Victoria (Security Print)

Phone Number03 8579 6566

Hours of OperationMon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

Queensland (IT Centre)

Phone Number07 5573 4007

Hours of OperationMon - Fri 8:00am - 5:00pm

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