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Customer queues are bad for our health

We all know customer queues can be frustrating but did you know it also bad for your health and well being? In an increasingly busy world, we are living busy lives and time has become a luxury. We hate wasting it, and we want instant gratification and access to service. As a consequence, we have developed an increasing unwillingness to wait in queues.

According to a recent survey, the length of time people wait before showing signs of stress varies with the type of queue they are in but it averages at 7 minutes and 18 seconds. They will wait:

  • 5 minutes 58 seconds for a call centre
  • 6 minutes 32 seconds at a supermarket checkout
  • 10 minutes 57 seconds for public transport
  • That increases to 13 minutes exactly when queuing for service at a restaurant.

And what happens if we do get stuck in a queue? According to Dr Roger Henderson, a Stress Expert and GP, waiting in a queue can cause a high level of stress with symptoms including a racing heartbeat, sweaty palms, irritability, anger, frustration and muscle spasms.

Surely, if you are an organisation dealing with patients, students, clientele or the general public, you don’t want to inflict this on your customers.

A bad customer experience impacts the whole business, not only customers but staff and reputation.

Dealing with stressed, angry and irritated customers is a challenge and being at the end of the receiver is not fun for staff. As a consequence, many organisations suffer from a high staff turnover, low staff morale and poor productivity.

Many customers who have had a bad experience often never return and worse they share their experience with friends and family who are straight away dissuaded ever to come and use your services.

What can be done?

Don’t fall into the trap of removing queues by actually creating new queues… Take Click and Collect for example. After encouraging your customer to do so, they have browsed your website from the comfort of their own home. They have placed an order and have taken the “Click and Collect” option to avoid delivery costs. All great customer experience so far, up until they come and collect and not only do they have to queue, they have to queue in the same line as customers who are buying in the shop… They might wonder what the point of ordering online in the first place was…

The good news is that queuing can easily be eliminated thanks to an excellent mobile queue management system which allows customers to join a virtual queue using their smart phone. The system sends them regular updates about their waiting time and when it is their turn to be seen. Instead of physically queuing, customers can use their time freely.

Benefits for both companies and customers can be seen straight away:

  • Better customer service
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Reduce no-shows and cancellations
  • Improved staff morale and productivity
  • Reduced overall waiting time
  • Increased revenues
  • Reduced customer complaints
  • Ability to use push-notifications to your customers
  • Reduced risks of contagion

QLess, mobile queue management system, is intuitive, very easy to install and with a stress-free set-up. Only access to the net is required!

Whether you are from the retail, education, government or health sectors, customer experience will be at the top of your agenda. Start with an effective good queue management system.

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