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This is a list of our most frequently asked questions.



Holograms & Certificates:

Q: Are Hague Australia able to create bespoke holograms for use on documents (certificates) and labels?

A: Yes, Hague Australia can create a bespoke hologram foil, register it with IMHA (global registration) and apply the hologram to documents or labels

Q: Can Hague Australia provide an infill service for University Graduation Testamurs?

A: Yes, Hague Australia currently offer this service for a number of Universities & learning organisation

Q: Can Hague Australia hold paper stock and if so, where is it stored?

A: Hague Australia have a secure print and warehouse facility in Melbourne


Holograms & Brand Protection:

Q: Does Hague Australia provide secure labels for retail?

A: Yes, Hague Australia can provide bespoke security labels for retailers and manufacturers

Q: Can Hague Australia provide a bespoke hologram label to be used on my product labels?

A: Yes, Hague Australia can provide bespoke hologram labels of which, the design is registered with IHMA (Institute of Hologram Manufacturers Association) and will therefore be given a global patent

Q: What security measures can Hague Australia build into the hologram to stop the label being copied and therefore my product copied?

A: Hague Australia are a security print provider and therefore, we can not say what security will be built into a hologram however, we would typically use eight points of security within a hologram.  this ensures that our hologram labels are never copied.


QLess customer queue management

Q: Does the QLess customer management system need to be installed on my network or my servers?

A: No, QLess is a Cloud-based solution and so, no installation of servers or elongated projects.  QLess can be deployed within four weeks

Q: Does the QLess customer management system use a touch screen kiosk?

A: Yes, QLess can incorporate a touch screen kiosk if required.  Kiosks are not mandatory; however, Hague Australia can provide a range of commercial-grade touch screen kiosks.

Q: Can QLess be used outside of the normal day to day service centre?

A: Yes, we have a number of Universities that use QLess within their student services and for special services such as Graduation services or Course Enrolment Days.

Q: If we want to use QLess outside of our normal service centre, what is the cost?

A: There is no additional cost for using QLess outside of your normal day to day activities.

Q: Does QLess use any Apps?

A: Yes, with QLess, you will have free access to the queue management App as well as Concierge App and a number of other modules.  All of these modules are free to download from the App Store or Google Play and all free to use.


PremierSign meeting room signage

Q: Why is PremierSign different from other meeting room signage solutions?

A: PremierSign is revolutionary as it doesn’t use power.  PremierSign uses ESL technology which ensures that once the sign is updated, it no longer has a requirement for power.

Q: What about integration to my Calendar?

A: Out of the box, PremierSign comes fully integrated to Microsoft Outlook, Office 365, Google Mail and other calendar systems

Q: Does PremierSign use Ethernet cabling?

A: No, PremierSign uses the existing Wi-Fi network and because PremierSign comes with secure magnetic mounts, it can be installed within minutes.


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