Hague Australia & QLess win NSW Council Service Centre

Hague Australia & QLess win NSW Council Service Centre

Hague Australia has once again been successful within the Australian Council network by winning another leading Australian Council.  The project is to deploy QLess Queue Management into two of the leading NSW Council service centres in which, their customers can join a virtual queue by using their mobile phone, touch-screen kiosks, Council web site or by visiting the onsite Concierge.

The deployment of QLess within the two Council service centres is a further step to QLess fast becoming one of the customer experience and queue management of choice for Council Services within Australia.

Traditionally, customers of a Council service centre would have to visit the service centre, use a kiosk, take a ticket and wait however, with QLess, all that’s a thing of the past.

The Council service centres wanted to use technology that all of their customers have and the common factor was their phone. Additionally to this, Hague Australia and QLess allow the Council customers online appointment booking via the Council web site, using one of the commercial-grade touch-screens at the service centres or by using the QLess App.

Mike Wheble, Managing Director of Hague Australia stated “once again this shows the commitment of the Hague Australia & QLess teams to bring the benefits of state of the art technology to the customers of Council service centres.  By using QLess, the Council’s own customers no longer have to waste their time waiting in line as we all know how frustrating that can be.

I welcome this latest NSW Council to join the ever-growing QLess family in Australia and I look forward to a long term partnership with this forward-thinking organisation”.

Hague Australia is the exclusive partner for QLess in Australia and New Zealand.  To date, we have over forty locations using QLess in Australia and over 1,000 worldwide.  The reason businesses use QLess within their student centres, customer service centres and health clinics is clear; QLess utilises one thing that every student, customer and patient have; a mobile phone.

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