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Hologram protection

Earlier this year, the United Nations published a report reaffirming that holograms remain one of the most secure technologies to fight to counterfeit.

Following the launch of the $5 banknote which is loaded with holograms, the launch of the new UK £10 note, the Swiss 20 Franc and Israeli 100 Shekel will also strengthen holography’s role as a leading-edge security device.

You can’t dismiss counterfeiting, it’s in the news every day and affects more and more our daily lives. Once limited to identity papers and banknotes, counterfeiting touches all kinds of products from drugs and cigarettes to food, beverages, electronics and industrial products, cosmetics and personal care items as well as toys.

Counterfeit trade is worth an estimated $1.77 trillion* and fake goods cost jobs, are a risk to public health and are responsible for massive losses for government in the case of excisable products.

With the rise of counterfeiting which is affecting all sectors including education, healthcare, retail, government, manufacturing, food, beverages, tobacco and luxury goods, more and more organisations are strengthening their brand protection strategies and turning to holograms to protect their brand.

Fraudulent products affect everyone in Australia it’s time to take back from the counterfeiters!

Holograms were created 70 years ago, and it seems that they will continue to play a major part in brand protection for many years to come. Eye-catching, they are very versatile and combined to trace and track technology are highly efficient for brand protection programmes.

Brand protection has been predicted to grow dramatically over the next three years with the use of RFID, smart labels, holograms and track and trace to continue to rise.

A member of the IHMA, Hague supply millions of holograms and security labels every year.

The international Holograms Manufacturers Association has welcomed the report which throws the spotlight on the global issue that represents counterfeiting. It also raises awareness with brands at a time where they must protect themselves.

The IHMA general secretary Dr Mark Deakes said that “holography has a vital role as a highly effective, highly flexible weapon in the ongoing battle to thwart counterfeiters and fraudsters and increasing adoption of holography reinforces the technology’s position as a pre-eminent security feature in the global anti-counterfeiting fight”.

Holograms, in particular, bespoke holograms to items such as cigarettes, alcohol bottles, luxury accessories, clothing and degree certificates help to confirm the quality and origin of the products and lead to the destruction of counterfeit goods.

Holograms – the versatile, secure technology

As well as being an effective anti-counterfeiting feature, holograms can integrate variable data and even be used as a marketing tool.

  1. Anti-counterfeiting
    Our holograms combine a range of up to 40 different overt, covert and visible security features. Each new design is registered, ensuring custom holograms remain unique.
  2. Variable data
    Complex variable data can be added to the design of the hologram, allowing track and trace of goods from production to customer purchase.
  3. Marketing
    Holograms can also be used as a data capture tool. Consumers can utilise the unique data on the hologram to authenticate their purchase online, giving brands instant access to valuable customer data.

Hague is a member of the IHMA and is renown internationally as a provider of security documents, tamper-evident labels and brand protection solutions.

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