QLess within Council Services

QLess within Council Services

Hague Australia is delighted to announce a new market has opened for QLess ‘ virtual’ customer queue management solution with a significant business win with a major Council within Victoria.

The Council is extremely progressive in its outlook and as a result, they decided that having a kiosk and ‘take a ticket’ and wait was not an option for them or their customers.  The Councils is focused on offering their customers the best that technology can provide and as such, after an extensive search of the customer experience and queue management market, decided upon Hague Australia and QLess.

Mike Wheble, Managing Director of Hague Australia stated “this business win marks a significant shift within the customer experience and queue management market.  The deployment of QLess into another Australian Council shows that QLess can be used in different environments and market structures.  I look forward to working with the Councils in what is to be seen of the first of many projects within this sector”.

Hague Australia is the exclusive partner for QLess in Australia and New Zealand.  To date, we have over forty locations using QLess in Australia and over 1,000 worldwide.  The reason businesses use QLess within their student centres, customer service centres and health clinics is clear; QLess utilises one thing that every student, customer and patient have; a mobile phone.

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