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Hague Australia has been delivering a range of sophisticated solutions to the Council and Government sector over several years.  Our security print products such as secure forms, parking permits, electoral papers, and bespoke document secure projects ensure documentation is genuine.


Our innovative software solutions include QLess customer management which removes the need for customers to wait in line within your service centers.  QLess ensures an improved customer experience while helping with efficiencies within the service center.

“Implementing Solchar, all cheque processing is completed quicker and more cost-effectively”

Hague Australia is a leading authority on Security Print solutions and fraud prevention

Hague Australia is a leading authority on Security Print solutions and document fraud prevention. Our security print solutions are used in over 50+ countries, and governments across the World trust us with their most secure documents.

Our products include traditional security print such as ballot papers, tax stamps, parking permits, and ID cards.

As with all of our security documents, we can incorporate bespoke hologram designs to ensure your brand is fully protected.



"Using QLess iPads, our Concierge staff have cut waiting times in half"

Hague Australia technology solutions help Councils and Government Agencies improve efficiency whether this is in Service Centres or Back Office areas.  The solutions we provide are based on AWS Cloud technology and as a result, we can deploy solutions in a matter of weeks rather than months.

Australia’s market-leading Customer Experience and Queue Management solution, QLess queue management helps drive efficiency improvements by ensuring your staff has the latest tools at hand to manage the customer flow.  From a customer perspective, they have a far better experience and as a result, real-time feedback surveys help shape future service center operations.

Some of our back office solutions such as dynamic Cheque Scanning and electronic submission help minimize re-keying errors and use the latest dynamic matching so that handwriting is read and confirmed while exceptions are reported to staff.

The products and services we bring to the government sector include:

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