Hague Australia provide a range of security print Testamurs, AHEGS, and Statements which include bespoke hologram.  Additionally, we now also provide graduation and infill services as well as Australia’s leading Student Queue Management solution, QLess

Hague Australia works with leading University, TAFE and Educational institutions, providing a range of security print products; Testamurs, Certificates, AHEGS, Statements, presentation folders and now graduation document infill service.  With years of experience, we have a strong reputation in the Education sector, as we offer a flexible approach providing solutions tailored to the individual University.

Our technology solutions for Education now include QLess, which is helping bring efficiency within the Student Service through improved student queue management.  QLess uses something that all students have – a mobile phone, on which, they can view real-time service and queue data, and then elect to join a virtual queue or book an appointment.

The products and services that we bring to the education market include:

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