Queue Management within Government & Council

Queue Management within Government & Council

Queue Management eliminates waiting in line by letting your customers join a ‘virtual’ queue or book an appointment from their mobile phone, talking to a staff member using the free to download Concierge App, your website or at your service centre on a touch-screen kiosk.

Queue Management allows your customers to view real-time service data, book an appointment or join a virtual queue using their mobile phone, online via your website, at the site by talking to the Concierge or even self-help via a touch-screen kiosk.

Queue Management Kiosk

The difference with Hague Queue Management is clear; once your customer has joined a virtual queue, they are free to do what they want.  Hague Queue Management will keep them informed of their wait time and automatically call them back when it’s their turn to be served.  Gone are the days of ‘take a ticket & wait” and those tinny voice announcements “customer 123 to counter 2.

If your customers are not ready yet?  Not a problem, simply push yourself back in the queue or, book an appointment for another day.

Once the service has finished, your customers will automatically receive an SMS asking them for their customer feedback.


Now for the best bit…

There are no large upfront investments or elongated projects.  Hague Queue Management includes unlimited users, all software, professional services, software & help desk support, all future software upgrades and access to the latest customer queue management solution available today.  No more user licenses, servers or support contracts to manage.

As the industry leader, worldwide, Hague Australia equip organisations large and small with flexible solutions that provide absolute control over scheduling customers, students or patients visits.

Deployed in Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail and Financial Services in Australia and around the world.

Queue Management steps to join a line


Benefits of Queue Management

You can quickly start seeing the benefits:

  • Real-time queue management and service data across all your service centres, campuses or healthcare facilities
  • Interactive SMS and Appointment Booking via mobile phone, App, Concierge tablet, iPad kiosk, web site or automated voice calls
  • Free to integrate to third-party CRM and customer databases
  • Reduced no-shows, cancellations and improve sale conversion rates
  • Improve staff morale and productivity as staff will know why the customer has come to see them
  • Increased revenues within your retail spaces and cafés as customers enjoy their free time
  • The option of free-standing touch screen kiosks
  • Self-learns transaction times and can, therefore, predict the service time offering staff and management a better understanding of the resources required.
  • Automatically manages the customer flow and helps introduce operation efficiency through real-time management reporting.
  • Used in over 60 locations in Australia and 1,000’s worldwide
  • Has saved 100 million customers more than 6,000 years of waiting
  • Concierge and consumer App for iPhone and Android are free
  • Appointment Booking manages the whole Appointment process
  • Real-time customer feedback provides a valuable insight into the customer visit


Just some of the reasons your customers will love QLess Queue Management:

Queue Management SMS Interaction


Whilst many queue management systems require a business to have ‘user licenses’ servers and all the complexities that usually comes with a queue management solution, QLess doesn’t.  With QLess, we don’t care how many counters you have.  We don’t care how many people use QLess within your Service Centre.  With QLess, you can use the solution wherever and whenever you want with the added benefit of no restrictions on the number of users that you’ll need to run your business effectively.

There are a number of advantages of unlimited licenses however, we believe one of the biggest is the fact that you can deploy as many Concierges in your service centre as you need.  All the Concierges need to do is download the free QLess Concierge App from the App Store and then run it on an iPad.  Simple!

Click HERE to find out about Concierge

Concierge Solution - Hague AustraliaFlexAppointment

There is no doubt that QLess queue management is the most advanced queue management system available within Australia.  In addition to the functionality of touch-screen kiosks, SMS interaction, Concierge, web and App access, QLess also incorporates Appointment Booking.

QLess Appointment Booking allows customers to pre-book appointments with a specific resource or service.  Once their appointment is selected, QLess checks the staff members calendar and confirms or cancels the appointment.  Once confirmed, the customer receives an email and SMS…they will also receive an SMS two hours before their appointment t and so no more ‘no shows’.

All appointment slots are managed by you and whilst you can always schedule holidays or special event days, there will always be the ‘unseen’ sick days.  No worries as QLess will also manage these ensuring your students can only book when staff are available.

Click HERE to find out about FlexAppointments

appointment booking

Customer Feedback

Ok, so your customers have joined a virtual queue, booked an appointment, they have waited in the coffee shop instead of a long line and now, they have been served…what next.

The part that is missing from every customer queue management solution is the ability for the customer to tell you exactly what they thought of the service they received!  Whilst some feedback may critic the way you run your service centre, you’ll definitely welcome the feedback (the good or bad).

With QLess, once the student has been served, QLess will automatically send the customer an SMS with a link for the survey.  The staff member doesn’t have to do anything.  Once the customer has completed the survey, all submitted surveys can be reviewed.  What’s more; as a business, you can change the questions asked, the format of the survey and the feedback format…easy!

Click HERE to find out about Feedback

Customer Feedback


Touchscreen Kiosk

If you still require a touchscreen kiosk, no problem; Hague Australia can provide them.

Our commercial touchscreen kiosks use the latest 22″ LCD technology backed up by HP & Dells latest processors.  If you require ticket printing, MSR readers or ID Scanners, again, not a problem as these can also be provided.

Our range of touchscreen kiosks is fully branded using your logo and colour scheme.


Touch screen kiosk


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