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A member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association (IHMA), Hague Australia offers a secure production of high-quality holographic foil and labels.

Hague Australia is skilled in design, origination and manufacture of sophisticated, custom-made holograms to protect your staff ID cards, documents, products and packaging.  Hague Australia offers a secure, efficient and high-quality hologram printing for a broad range of products such as brand protection labels, ID cards, certificates, cheques and foils.

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We supply the world’s leading Government agencies (federal and local), Pharmacists, Retailers, Healthcare providers and Higher Education institutions.

Hague Australia offers holographic printing for a broad range of documents such as Testamur, Certificates, ID cards, labels, product packaging and other printed material. This security measure is highly efficient and ensures your brand and products are safe from duplication by unauthorised parties.

Our holographic designs utilise the latest technologies such as Micro and Nano print as well as covert technologies inbuilt into the design.

Hague Australia will develop your bespoke hologram, and using our secure print office in Melbourne, VIC, ensure your holographic printing is managed under strict security protocols. Our design service can create and print fully bespoke security documents such as letterheads, documents, papers, ID Cards. Holographic printing is one of the most effective ways to protect your brand against fraud and ensures your company stands out from the others. We offer security features that don’t compromise your brand’s aesthetic appeal.

Hague Australia offers high quality holographic application solutions including:

  • Custom Hologram Design
  • Global registration of our hologram designs
  • Holographic wallpaper foils
  • Application to substrate including paper, card, identity card and packaging
  • Hague Securogram which allows your organisation to create and print their own Staff, Student & ID cards

As specialists in secure solutions, Hague Australia’s products are developed to take advantage of the latest in covert, overt and forensic security technology. We can create highly sophisticated holographic designs as well as offer holographic printing service.

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