VPod Virtual Assistant - Interactive Customer Service

In today’s competitive market, customer service needs to be reactive to market conditions.  VPod Virtual Assist allows for real-time interactive customer service at a kiosk or defined meeting areas


Customers can interact with staff regardless of where they are located

VPod Virtual Assistant helps business by utilising resources regardless of location

Every business has a high volume of customers/patients/students coming through the doors every day.  In an ideal world, no one would have to wait to see one of your members of staff, all your customers would be seen straight away.  We don’t live in an ideal world!

Having sufficient resource to deal with all the enquiries your business receives is one thing; having the right systems in place to help with all these enquiries is a different matter.

VPod VirtualAssist from Hague Australia has several pre-defined modules designed to help businesses achieve greater efficiency whilst assisting customers in a whole new way.

VPod Virtual Assist isn’t just an automated assistant designed to reduce the workload on your staff.  VPod Virtual Assist is a whole new way of dealing with your customer/patients and students.

using innovation to improve customer experience through technology and creative thinking

VPod – VGreet has been designed for service centres, shopping malls and healthcare centres where customer interaction is a priority.

VPod – VGreet is basically a giant smartphone you can install anywhere you want your customers to be able to engage with you.  Make VPod – VGreet your receptionist, sales assistant or concierge –ensuring no customer query goes unanswered by connecting them face-to-face with your experts, whatever their location, VPod – VGreet facilitates the delivery of centralised expertise to multiple locations.

Multiple endpoints can be placed anywhere, enabling the provision of remote advice from a centralised pool of experts.  Customers can easily connect and interact to single, or multiple, service experts, allowing efficient service provision and global reach.

It can register visitors for appointments, provide directions, showcase products and provides live, up-to-the-minute information. We can easily tailor your VPod – VGreet to provide the functionality you need to ensure your customers’ experience is a great one, all built with a custom on-brand user interface by our creative team.

Customers can interact with your business anywhere they have a web browser

VPod – Dialog is an entirely new way to communicate with your customers.  Now you can treat Video in the same way you do with Audio.  As an example, we suspect you have a call telephone call system within your business.  In this calling system, you can answer calls and if required, transfer them to one of your colleagues in a different department or even different building.  When was the last time you were able to do that with a video call?  Now with VPod – Dialog, you can!

With touch-simple call routing, every customer communication can be a seamless and rewarding experience. Schedule appointments combine multiple callers and even share information on the screen and annotate, all in real-time.

With VPod – Dialog, no call goes unanswered, meaning every customer can speak to the right person. This ensures that you never miss another sales opportunity – and that people’s experience with you is immediate and frustration-free.

Using VPod – Dialog in a ‘pop up’ environment along with VPod – VGreet is a powerful tool and will provide your business with a real advantage over your competitors.

Interactive kiosks including Wayfinding maps help your customers manage their visit

VPod – VConsole is a new and dynamic way to interact with your customers, patients or students.  VPod – VConsole allows private interactions with your staff whether they be in the same location, building or anywhere in your business.

VPod – VConsole allows customer, patients or students to book an appointment and then be guided to a location/meeting room or meeting pod.  If your customer is remote, they can interact with the service anywhere there is an Internet connection.

Hague Australia understands that space is of a premium in addition, resourcing your site comes at a cost.  VPod – VConsole helps with cost reduction in both.  VPod – VConsole can utilise existing spaces or alternatively, we can provide ‘pop up’ private spaces.

All interactions within a VPod – VConsole chat are online with real people/staff members.  VPod – VConsole can also extend to interactive document signing, scanning and transmitting…ideal for online transactions where documents need to be signed.

VA offers a cost saving on resources as well as meeting spaces

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VPod isn’t just an automated assistant designed to reduce the workload on your staff

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