Transfer & access to real-time customer & student security data


PremierCert manages student data efficiently and securely through the Hague Australia web portal.  Universities and learning organisations can upload student and academic data and students and potential employers can view the secure data via date and time-limited authentication keys.

PremierCert+ allows students to not only view their academic data, they can also re-order reprints of their Certificates and Statements with payment being made the secure Hague Australia PayPal web portal.  Hague Australia will then produce the Certificate or Statement and post to the student.

PremierCert is an online SAAS based document management & ordering system used by University administrators, students, potential employers, and print facilities.  PremierCert successfully combines the use of print and electronic documents.

Degree and certificate fraud is a big issue, and it is important for Universities and Training Organisations to implement secure online document transfer and web verification software. Our PremierCert + software allows Education institutions, students and employers to gain access to their documentation (such as AHEGS, Testamurs, etc.) anywhere at any time.

how it works

University administrators can order base-stock using the system’s shop function; access to this will be restricted so that only those with the correct authorization levels can do this.   When ordering, we usually suggest that we print one/two years’ stock and store the documents free of charge in our secure warehouse.  Once an order for base-stock has been placed, your Hague Account Manager will receive an email generated by PremierCert, and they will start the production process.  Your Hague Account Manager will keep a close eye on stock levels and will advise when stocks need replenishing.

The other area where PremierCert is used, in the case where a student may not complete their studies at one University and move to another. PremierCert has a secure log on so students and Universities can view secure student & academic data.

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waht about the benefits?

Benefits to your Organisation:

  • Secure Web Service – no installation cost
  • Homepage branded to the Education organisation
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Allows instant document view
  • Automatically issues secure login to students (and potential employers)
  • Protects existing revenue streams
  • HEAR e-document compliant

Benefits to Students:

  • Fast and easy to use
  • May provide the student with an extra competitive edge in the recruitment process
  • Instant view of all certificates & transcripts
  • Allows students to re-order AHEGS and other documents using a secure payment process of PayPal

in summary

Hague Australia has gained years of experience in data management from both the banking and education sector. We work with over twenty-five Australian Universities and over one hundred universities worldwide to protect them against fraud and counterfeit, including the fraudulent use of Testamurs, Degree certificates, and AHEGS.

PremierCert allows Universities & Learning organisations to upload student & academic data to a secure cloud; our secure print facility can then use the data to provide a secure print and infill service.  No more having to up-skill at graduation time, let Hague Australia manage the print, infill, and delivery of your secure documents such as Testamur’s, AHEGS, Certificates and infill letters?

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