PremierCheque is the market leader in scalable imaging solutions that enable organisations to digitally transform and manage transactional documents through our cheque scanners and processing solutions.


Cheque clearing in the Australia is changing – the Future Clearing Model is being introduced to provide faster processing of cheques to provide next day payment of funds.  There is a reliance on new cheque scanning technology to enable this change, which is where Hague Australia can help.

Premiercheque Cheque Scanning will provide faster processing speeds and control over your cheque templates now and in the future

Premiercheque will help you manage multiple streams of data allowing you to print secure single cheques, cheque and remittance, banker’s draft, paying-in and deposit slips plus many more business forms.

Transactional Journal:

Hague Australia pioneering imaging technologies combine with scanners from the world’s leading hardware brands to create powerful solutions that digitise and automate what can be a time consuming and complex business task.

These are often related to payment and transactional documents where speed of processing, security control and access to searchable archives is an important business requirement.

The core enabling system is called Transaction Journal, which enables the reading of cheques, credits, postal orders and drafts for banking as well as mixed correspondence for verification and onward distribution.

Transaction Journal operates as a standalone system, a networked system or as a web based system depending on organisational requirements.

“We used to employ 13 full-time staff to process cheques. Now, we rely on just six full-time staff members to help process cheques and the work is completed in a fraction of the time.” PHS Group

Transactional Finder:

Accompanying the core system is Transaction Finder, which uses an SQL database to provide an invaluable archive and powerful search tool that allows instant access to data, information and images from the library of scanned documents.

Transaction Finder provides access to cheque images that will no longer be available in the ICS due to the destruction of cheques after use. As a query resolution tool the application is a welcome addition saving cost, reducing effort and enabling previously unavailable access to data for authorised users.

Features of Transaction Finder:

  • Archive documents and metadata into your own enterprise application
  • Powerful user configurable duplex search capabilities
  • Multi-user application, multi-level access privileges
  • Resolve queries in real-time with direct access to original images and data
  • Extend database use through broad search parameters

To see PremierCheque in action, see our Partner, Scholar video: click here

“We no longer have the requirement to request copies of cheques from the bank. Without a doubt, the Transaction Journal application has saved our staff time and effort on numerous occasions.” Progressive Building Society

The cheque scanning devices and hardware supplied by Hague Australia have been rigorously performance tested and chosen because they perform at precise industry standards with proven reliability and functionality.

User defined requirements drive the choice of scanner. Dedicated cheque scanners have invisible UV and MICR toner reading capabilities. Others handle A4 sized remittance documents whilst low volume users opt for cost effective manual scanners, which process single cheques at a time.

The highest volume cheque scanning devices are equipped with auto-feed facilities for speed of reading and separate hopper outputs to sort documents on the fly.

It is important to use the right scanner for the job; you can rely on Hague Australia’s industry experience to guide you through the options best suited to your requirements.

canon cheque scanning  scanners make information management more efficient and less time consuming, and all models supplied by Hague Australia are fully integrated and supported by Transaction Journal.

panini cheque scanning cheque scanners offer best-in-class reliability for distributed cheque capture based on their core competencies of system scalability, superior image quality, MICR read accuracy and flawless document handling. Panini scanners are fully-integrated and supported by Transaction Journal.

magtek cheque scanningwith solutions for both auto and single-feed-operation, and advanced features including integrated and secure card reader authenticators and colour scanning, Magtek scanners are fully integrated and supported by Transaction Journal.

digital-check cheque scanning scanners offer faster speeds, higher capacities and durability over a wide range of models. Digital Check scanners are fully-integrated and supported by Transaction Journal.

“In addition to maximising efficiency and productivity, Transaction Journal provides DHL with greater financial control and a strong audit trail for improved security.”

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