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Premiercheque will provide faster processing speeds and control over your cheque templates now and in the future

Premiercheque will help you manage multiple streams of data allowing you to print secure single cheques, cheque and remittance, banker’s draft, paying-in and deposit slips plus many more business forms including pressure seal documents.

Hague Australia has been a major manufacturer and supplier of cheques and other valuable documents to financial institutions, multinational companies and SMEs since 1989. As with all Hague’s products quality and security are paramount.

The flexibility of our Melbourne manufacturing facility means we can cater for quantities from a few hundred to millions.

All Hague Australia cheques surpass APNL (Formerly APCA) standards for security, as a matter of fact, we helped write the book on cheque security standards in Australia.

We take the hassle out of ordering cheques. We can do the design work, liaise with the bank, obtain all the required approvals and work with your marketing department to ensure your corporate image is maintained. We do all the hard work, so you don’t have to

Cheques can be supplied in any format, books, a continuous or cut sheet for lasers.

In conjunction with our digital solutions, Hague Australia is a true “one stop shop” for cheques and value documents.

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how it works

With encrypted signatures controlled by passwords, swipe cards, biometric controls (fingerprint scanning) or remote email authorization, Premiercheque+ can save your organisation a significant amount of money by eliminating senior management from having to sign cheques physically. Hague Premiercheque+, exact used in conjunction with Hague secure cheques, is a highly effective deterrent to cheque fraud.

Premiercheque+ software is designed to run with Australian Payment Network Limited (formally APCA) and all compatible accounting packages. The software can be tailored to your requirements and prints all your payment forms to specific banking standards required for your region. Cost-effective, robust and highly secure, Premiercheque+ can be installed quickly and easily, giving you a complete in-house payment solution.

Hague’s unique Premiercheque+ software offers the following features:

  • Exceeds C&CCC requirements for UK cheque production
  • 64bit compliant and capable of running in a 32bit environment
  • Signature authorisation by passwords, swipe cards and biometric controls all done at point of issue or remotely from any worldwide location
  • Variable security text repeats the payee name and the amount across the face of the cheque to help combat alteration cheque fraud
  • Standalone to multi-site licence capabilities across global networks
  • Audit report file formats include file formats including CSV, Excel and Crystal
  • Full project management and no lengthy and expensive IT implementation

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