We all know that Graduation day can sometimes be a little difficult and that’s why we have introduced PremierGrad.  PremierGrad manages students before, during and after the graduation service by informing the student on their mobile phone of what’s happening and when.


Better informed students are happier students!



PremierGrad from Hague Australia has been designed to introduce business efficiency to peak times in the Education calendar.  PremierGrad specifically targets students during Graduation day and will ensure they are in the right place at the right time.  Additionally, PremierGrad will ensure they have all the information about their big day, to hand.

Before the Graduation service starts, students can check in for their service using their mobile phone, iPad or touch-screen kiosk.  The PremierGrad solution will verify the student, time of service, and even details such as their seat number and when to be seated.  All the information is sent directly to their mobile phone or can be printed at the kiosk.

Students 'check-in' using their mobile and receive instructions i.e. where to go, what time, ceremony order...

Universities spend huge amounts of money on Graduation Day; it is not only the service itself, but it’s also the cost of having additional staff on hand to locate those students who can’t quite seem to find their way.

Administration teams don’t have to worry about who has arrived for the ceremony as PremierGrad provides real-time reporting on those students checked in and those who haven’t. With the additional benefit of having the student’s contact details, staff can now call the student to ensure they are on their way.  At last, a product to minimise staff running around on Graduation day looking for lost students!

PremierGrad also manages students after the ceremony has finished.  All students who have ‘checked in’ will receive a confirmation SMS after the ceremony congratulating them on completion of their course.  Addition prompts can be sent reminding them to return their gown and once completed, a final audit can be reported on.

Increase efficiency with real-time management reporting on who is absent

You can quickly realise the benefits:

PremierGrad is a Cloud-based solution and therefore, no need to install licenses, servers or manage annual support contracts.  All you pay is a fee for when you want to use the service…it is as simple as that!

Deployment of PremierGrad is also simple and there are no elongated projects or days and days of business consultancy.  It can be deployed within a few weeks!

While many students will choose to check-in via their mobile phone, there is also an option of iPad or commercial-grade touch-screen kiosk.  Once again, you as a University have a choice, use your own or Hague Australia will be happy to provide and set up?


  • Cloud-based Graduation day solution
  • No licenses or servers to install
  • No support contracts to manage
  • Minismie the number of additional staff required on Graduation Day; let PremierGrad manage the students
  • Interactive SMS to ensure the student has all the information they need on-hand
  • No more expensive print runs with ceremony instructions
  • Optional iPad or touch-0nscreen kiosk
  • Real-time SMS notifications of where to be and when
  • Robe collection and surrender
  • Real-time management reporting

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Now for the best bit…
There are no large upfront investment or elongated projects.  PremierGrad includes unlimited users, all software, professional services, software & help desk support and all future software upgrades.  No more user licenses, servers or support contracts to manage.

As the industry leader, worldwide, Hague Australia & equip organisations large and small with flexible solutions that provide absolute control over scheduling customers, students or patients visits.

A world first in student management at Graduation ceremonies.


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