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PremierSign is a meeting room signage solution with a difference!

With a large number of meeting rooms and learning spaces that a typical business has, it is of utmost importance that these rooms are managed efficiently to maximize the room usage. Let’s face it, everything has a cost, and your meeting rooms are no different.

Hague Australia helps companies manage efficiency within their organisation through better room utilisation.

Do you know how efficient you are being with your meeting room usage?  One company that recently conducted a study of their meeting room usage found that their meeting rooms were inefficiently managed for up to 30% of the time available.  Staff were not booking the correct rooms, booking rooms and then not using them, not booking rooms and ‘taking a chance’ to see if anyone is using that room.

Meeting Room Signage

how it works

PremierSign is an electronic meeting room signage with a difference.  Traditional meeting room signage requires power, data cabling, and no doubt, management & utility sign off.  PremierSign uses ESL technology and therefore, doesn’t require power or data cables!

When asked what ESL technology is, it’s quite simple, it’s a sign that has an interface which, once repainted (updated) with content, the sign doesn’t use any more power.  Chances are, you may have seen this technology. However, you may never have known that it is ESL?  ESL technology is already widely used by retailers, government agencies and media companies.

PremierSign includes management of appointments, integration of Microsoft Outlook and some new technologies that allow businesses to deploy meeting room signage at every conference room or learning space without having to install power or data cables. Utilising your Wi-Fi network, meeting room bookings are sent to individual meeting room signs showing who booked, the agenda and most importantly, the time and length of the meeting.

A meeting room signage solution that doesn’t require power or data cables…that’s a little bit different!

“Better management of appointments and meeting rooms brings increased efficiency.”

Why PremierSign?

I am sure that we have all been through the same experience of looking for a free meeting room, this is how it usually works out:

  • You look into a conference room to see if it is use and wonder if it is booked?
  • You wait by a meeting room for five minutes to see if anyone comes?
  • You ask (and more importantly disrupt) staff near a conference room to see if they know if the room is booked?
  • You decide to take the meeting room and start your meeting only to be kicked out because the room was booked by someone else
  • I’m sure we have all been through this one, you have booked the conference room. However, someone else is in there, and their papers are all over the desk, their laptop is connected to the projector and that all important client is not happy as they also have to move




You can quickly start seeing the benefits:

  • Real-time meeting room & classroom signage
  • No power or cabling required!
  • Integration with existing Microsoft Outlook and Google calendars
  • The option of touch screen signage allowing for ‘at site’ room booking
  • Sizes to suit your needs either 9″, 13″ or 32″ screens
  • Reduce no-shows and meeting room mix-ups
  • Improve efficiency through better communications
  • Real-time communication across your network
  • One to one million signs in a single network

The problem with traditional meeting room signs are, they are costly to buy, have limited display software which can be used and not always integrate into your current calendar system.  The other issue you will find, in today’s ‘green’ world, companies need to be mindful of the power they consume. However, this also comes at a cost.  Let’s face it, are you going to go to every meeting room and switch off each sign?

PremierSign is an electronic meeting room signage system. However, there is one significant difference. PremierSign uses ESL technology.
So what is ESL technology? It is a sign that has a user interface that, once repainted (updated) with content, the sign stops using any power. It sounds like science fiction. However, you have seen this technology in use and never even known that it is ESL.

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