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QLess Queue Management Queue Management has been developed specifically to make interactions between Customers and Healthcare providers easier.  We all know that customers would rather be catching up with the latest tweet, getting a coffee or, come to think of it, anything else other than sitting in a waiting area.  The great news, QLess lets them get on with their lives and by the way, the clinicians will be happier as well.

With QLess Queue for Healthcare, customers can go onto the Healthcare web site or use the Business App to view real-time service centre data such as ‘how long do they have to wait to be seen’ or ‘can they book an appointment for tomorrow at 10 am’.  With QLess, all customers have the flexibility to interact with how they want.

Additionally, to the web and App interactions, customers can join a virtual queue or book an appointment by SMS, using a touch-screen kiosk within the Healthcare waiting area or talking to one of the on-site Concierges who will be using the Free QLess Concierge App.

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Want to see how QLess works?

Click the video to find out how QLess can help your patients and ultimately, your business.


"Patients actually enjoy using QLess"

Did you know that you can join a Virtual Queue and we’ll let you know when we are ready to see you?  By joining the queue virtually you can choose to wait anywhere you like.  Once you are near the front of the queue you will be sent an SMS advising you to return to the Store.

1. Use your Mobile

To get in a ‘virtual line’ for one of our services; SMS 0488 790 980 and add the relevant code word hague.

2. Use the Web

Use the following web link for :

All Services on Offer

Blood Test only

Biopsy Test & Appointments only

3. At the Clinic

Speak to the Concierge or use a touch-screen kiosk

"we know lots of facts about each transaction however, the most value is the real-time Patient feedback"


You can quickly start seeing the benefits:

  • Real-time queue and service data and management information (reporting) across all of your service centres
  • Queuing and appointment booking via mobile phone, App, Concierge tablet, iPad kiosk, web site or automated voice calls
  • Free to download QLess App and Concierge App from App Store or Google Play
  • Real-time customer feedback
  • Integrate into customer CRM 
  • Free API’s (interfaces to and from QLess)
  • No large capital cost and four weeks from order to go-live

"QLess has been a real game changer, we highly recommend it"