QLess Patient Queue Management

QLess helps health clinics improve performance and efficiency through the use of the patients mobile phone, real-time Appointment Booking, web interactions and use of a touch-screen kiosk

 QLess Queue Management

QLess Patient Queue Management is helping patients manage their wait time and interaction at GP Surgeries, Dental and other healthcare providers.

QLess Patient Queue Management lets patients book an appointment or join a virtual queue using their mobile phone, your web site or service centre kiosk.  Patients are then free to get a coffee, carry on with their shopping or, generally do what they want.  QLess Patient Queue Management will keep the patient updated of their expected wait time and when ready, automatically call them forward for service.

QLess reduces patient wait times, boosts staff productivity

QLess Patient Queue Management has helped hundreds of healthcare providers offer a superior patient experience.

From Outpatient Departments to GP surgeries, Pharmacy and Pathology, QLess is helping healthcare providers improve their patient experience by changing the way that the patient was traditionally managed.

Patients don’t want to wait in a waiting area.  Most modern hospitals have cafes, restaurants and even shops…why not let the patients use these spaces.  Don’t worry, QLess will manage the patient wait and pre-call the patient to ensure they are in the right place at the right time.  Remove the burden of managing patients from your healthcare professionals.

QLess for Patients

With real-time patient feedback, you can really see what your patients think

“When we launched QLess, our satisfaction rate was incredible. Over 95% of our patients reported that they love the new system. We have fundamentally changed how we deliver care.” – Renown Medical Group

With QLess Patient Queue Management, you can quickly start seeing the benefits:

  • Real-time Appointment Booking and interactive SMS queue management across all your healthcare centres
  • Health centre kiosk and health professional concierge using the free to download QLess Concierge App
  • Integrate QLess into your healthcare website (free of charge)
  • Real-time patient feedback
  • Integrate to Patient records 
  • Free API’s (interfaces to and from QLess)
  • No large capital cost and four weeks from order to go-live

Capture Medicare card details or health reference automatically

Understanding why your patients come to your healthcare service is only part of the story; understanding what they experienced is a completely different matter.  With QLess, patients receive a real-time SMS to their mobile phone in which, they can provide feedback on the service they received.  Improving on what you do today is the real key to the patient experience.

QLess is a Cloud based patient management and patient queue management solution.  Being Cloud based ensures that there are no large scale projects with hundreds of days consultancy; in fact, most QLess projects can go-live four weeks from the date of order.

QLess Patient Queue Management is available today in Australia & New Zealand with local knowledge and support.

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