QLess: Managing Wait Time by setting Expectations

QLess Queue Management queue management

Unlike traditional queue management systems, QLess queue management is a little different…

When we think about queue management, why do we often think of expensive free-standing kiosks, take a ticket and tinny audio announcements?  It doesn’t have to be that way.

QLess is the next generation of customer queue management.  With QLess, customers can use their mobile phone, tablet or laptop to view real-time service data (how many people ahead of them & how long will they have to wait?)  They can then decide to join a virtual queue or book an appointment.  If the customer wants to visit your service centre or store, they can be met by a Concierge (using the QLess Concierge App) or, they can elect to use a touch screen kiosk…the choice really is theirs!

With QLess, there are no large upfront investment or elongated projects.  With QLess, its a simple fixed monthly cost which includes unlimited users, all software, professional services, software & help desk support, all future software upgrades and access to the latest customer queue management solution available today.


how it works

Time has moved on from kiosks and paper ticket queue management systems and your store or service centre need to reflect these changes.  Your customers don’t want to wait in line, they also don’t want to wait in crowded waiting area watching a screen in the vain hope that their turn is next.  Your customers want more from your store or service centre; the freedom to do the things they want.

QLess’ patented technology eliminates waiting in line by letting people join a mobile queue or book an appointment from their mobile phones, tablet or website. QLess doesn’t demand that students need to wait in a cramped waiting area; they are free to get a coffee, catch up on the latest tweet safe in the knowledge that QLess will let them know when it’s their turn to be seen.

QLess incorporates mobile queuing, Apple & Google Play Apps, Concierge App, touch-screen kiosks, home kiosk, LCD screen information (used in waiting areas), real-time feedback from mobile or kiosk and a number of other features that makes QLess the customer experience and queue management solution of choice.

If its real-time feedback that you are looking for, QLess will also provide that.  When the customer, student or patient has been served, QLess will automatically send a feedback link to their mobile phone.  Now you really know what they thought of your service!

QLess is successfully deployed in Education, Government, Healthcare, Retail, Financial Services and Restaurant & Cafe’s in Australia and around the world.

Forget old kiosk based technology, that was in vogue ten years ago, this solution uses hardware that all of your customers have; a mobile phone.

QLess Benefits

“QLess has allowed us to reduce average wait times by 9 minutes and improve our average processing times by 46% saving us more than $7M annually” Global telecom retailer

“With QLess, all you need is an internet connection, Hague Australia managed everything else.  There was no software to install, licenses or even support agreements to worry about.  Would I recommend Hague Australia & QLess?  Yes, without a doubt” Leading Australian University

You can quickly start seeing the benefits:

  • Real time queue and service data across all of your service centres, campuses or healthcare facilities
  • Queuing and appointment booking via mobile phone, App, Concierge tablet, iPad kiosk, web site or automated voice calls
  • Capture the customer ID number or student card
  • Real time customer feedback…now you really know what the customer thought of the service
  • Integrate to third party CRM and customer databases
  • Reduced no-shows, cancellations and improve sale conversion rates
  • Improve staff morale and productivity as staff will know why the customer has come to see them
  • Increased revenues within your retail spaces and cafés as customers enjoy their free time
  • Option of free-standing touch screen kiosks

QLess’ patented technology eliminates waiting in line by letting customers, students or patients join a mobile queue or book an appointment from their mobile phones, tablet or website.  Once they have booked their place, they are free to roam safe in the knowledge that QLess will notify them when it’s their turn to be seen.

As the industry leader, worldwide, Hague Australia & QLess equip organisations large and small with flexible solutions that provide absolute control over scheduling customers, students or patients visits. QLess serves retail, government, banking, education, hospitality, healthcare and everywhere people have traditionally waited in line.  

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