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Visitor Registration is required during the current COVID-19 pandemic.  All visitors to your service centres or premise need to register their details and Hague Australia’s COVID-19 Visitor Registration Solution allows visitors to scan a QR code and register their details with ease.


"Pandemic is not a word to use lightly"

Having a visitor registration solution is becoming an important part of any business strategic solutions.

Whilst not all businesses have to have a contact tracing solution, in today’s pandemic, having a solution in place reassures your customers that, as a business, you are doing all you can to keep them safe.

Hague Australia’s Visitor Registration solution allows customers entering your premise to scan a QR code and quickly enter their details onto a secure platform.  Customer data is fully encrypted and never used for any other purpose other than contact tracing if the Australia Department of Health should request their details.  All details are kept for a maximum of 28 days prior to being destroyed.

"The ability to trace customers is a huge step toward irradicating this virus"

Why use Hague Australia’s Visitor Management solution?

  • Customers easily recognise how to scan and enter their details

  • Customers use their phone to scan a QR code upon entering your service centre or premise

  • Customer data is fully encrypted using AWS in Australia

  • Customer data is stored for a maximum of 28 days

  • Customer data isn’t used for any marketing or sales purposes

"Using Visitor Management and QLess Customer Management is a real game changer"
  • Visitor Registration solution is an annual subscription with a small (one time) set-up fee

  • Simply use the contact form below and we’ll be in touch to ask a few simple questions
  • All Visitor Registration solutions are deployed within 24 hours
  • All visitor data is completely secure
  • Absolutely no software to install at your site and nothing for your IT team to do!

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"contact tracing is required to reasure customers that we are doing everything we can"

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