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Why should Testamurs be printed professionally?

A print certificate such as a Testamur is a legal document which is actually an “official document attesting a fact”. It can be a birth or death certificate, proof of ownership certificate or a degree or Testamur certificate.

Whatever the type, it is an important professional document which gives proof of who you are or your qualifications and therefore has a very high value. This is the reason why they are often targeted by criminals who do their best to forge the original documents either for their own activities (ie: identity fraud) or to sell to naïve consumers.

Printing a professional certificate is not as easy as using PowerPoint and printing it at home on your desktop printer. The same goes for fake certificates sold online for a few hundred dollars. If you browse the internet, you can get yourself a degree certificate from a reputable university at a very affordable price. But don’t be fooled! Your certificate might bear some resemblance with the original but it cannot replace one that has been obtained after years of studying and hard work and it will certainly not get you a job.

Why? Because professionally printed certificates are highly secure and contain a whole range of security features, making them very difficult to replicate but easy to check by universities, awarding bodies and employers.

The combination of overt and coverts security features on a certificate can include:

  • Special paper – Watermarked paper cannot be photocopied. The watermark, which can be specifically designed for your certificates, is added when the paper is made, making it hard to replicate.
  • Bespoke Holograms – holograms add a layer of overt security to print certificates. Very difficult to copy without specific and expensive equipment, holograms are one of the most efficient security features and make the authentication process very easy.
  • Security inks – Inks such as those that are only visible under a UV light are an efficient covert feature.
  • Numbering – Adding a complex number to your print certificates allows you to easily verify if it is authentic

More than 30 universities in Australia already trust Hague with their certificates, Testamurs and transcripts.

Our years of experience in security print and holograms make our certificates some of the most secure in the market. Don’t be the victim of fraud, make sure your certificates are professionally printed.

To discuss in more detail your professionally printed certificates Contact us now to find out more and see how Hague Australia can help.