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How to minimise boredom of the waiting room

Let’s face it, there is nothing worse than to having to queue or sit in a waiting room.

Hague Australia actively promote QLess ‘virtual queuing’ because we understand that there is only one thing worse than standing at the back of a line, it’s being stuck in a waiting room hoping that you’ll be called next.  QLess allows customers to virtually check in and once in line, they are free to do whatever they want.  On the other hand, traditional queue management systems will use a kiosk, paper tickets and tinny ‘next customer please’ and customers are just not allowed to leave.

As customers queue, they can become anxious, angry, stressed and irritated.   there have been cases where as the frustrated customers, take it out on staff and sometimes never come back and virtually all who have had a bad waiting experience will never return.

So what can you do to improve the overall customer experience? Here are a few tips to reduce stress and boredom in your waiting room.

1) Look after them

While waiting, your customers, students, patients might get thirsty and even dehydrated. They might also get anxious to leave the room to go and get a drink for fear of losing their place in the queue. Having a water dispenser in the waiting room or a vending machine will help keep them comfortable.

2) Keep them busy

First of all, you must offer free WIFI. Access to WiFi in public places is common nowadays so your customers will expect it. Access to the internet will allow them to use their phone, tablets or laptops and keep themselves busy.

Offer magazines but make sure they are replaced regularly. No one is interested in 6 months’ old news. Brain games such as crosswords and Sudoku will also keep your customers busy.   If magazines are your thing, here’s why the new ones always disappear

Finally, make pens and paper available. People love making list or doodling and students might use the time to do some homework.

3) Keep it clean

Your waiting room is a representation of your business. Check it several times a day, clean surfaces, empty bins, tidy magazines. A dirty and messy environment can raise people’s anxiety.

You might also want to offer hand sanitizer and tissues. Being in close proximity to strangers can be stressful and it gets worse if they sneeze or cough. This is particularly true in doctors, hospitals and student services waiting room where there is a higher risk of contagion.

Hand sanitizer and a clean environment encourages good hygiene and will reassure your customers.

4) Promote a Calming Environment

London City airport has recently started playing music from Adele and Ed Sheeran to keep their customers calm in their busy security checks areas. They have received very good feedback from their passengers and staff alike.

Silence makes people uncomfortable whilst so-called “elevator” music can be boring. Choosing specific playlists with famous artists can really lower your customers’ stress. Do stay away from metal and hard core though!

You can also install an aquarium. OK, it will need looking after but it is well-known that nothing equal water and fish swimming around when it comes to relaxation.

5) Implement a mobile queue management system

Why keep them waiting at all when they could be shopping, working, studying or socialising?

A queue management system with a mobile check-in system, such as QLess, eliminates lines, increases staff productivity and decreases operational costs.

By joining virtual queues via their mobile, customers are free to use their time as they wish. They get notified on their phone when you’re are ready to see them.

No more waiting room, no more stress, just happy customers and happy staff.

QLess, mobile queue management system, is intuitive, very easy to install and with a stress-free set-up. Only access to the net is required!

Whether you are from the retail, education, government or health sectors, customer experience will be at the top of your agenda. Start with an effective good queue management system.

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