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Counterfeit product; we can fix that

There is one thing that all manufacturers & retailers understand; to survive and grow the business, you need your brand to stand out from the competition. This is never truer than in Australia’s crowded wine industry.

We really are a lucky bunch in Australia; great beaches, fantastic weather, contrasting states and producers of some of the world’s best wines. The problem is, how does a wine manufacturer make them stand out from the crowd? The answer is simple, develop a look & feel that sets your product apart from the rest; bespoke printed wine label will do it. Oh, we also have a couple of other tricks that will help…keep reading.

Your wine label should portray your brand, your identity and most importantly, a feeling that triggers something in the mind of the buyer. Our bespoke wine labels can help.

Here are four benefits that our labels can bring:

  1. People notice a product that has a bright ‘punchy’ wine label. No one ever was ever attracted to or bought anything because of a bland look to the product. Get noticed.
  2. Create an image that represents your wine. Make the bottle appealing to the customer.
  3. Make your wine label memorable. Once the customer has bought your bottle of wine and consumed it, they remember the look of the wine label as it will be easier for them to identify it the next time they are in the store.
  4. Make your wine labels ‘social’. We all share pictures of our food and other purchases that are appealing…wine is no different.

Interestingly, point 4 is where we can help extend the reach of your product on the shelf. Why not integrate a NFC label? NFC labels can provide extra information or capture feedback from customers who have NFC enabled phones (that’s 98% of the market today). Allow your customers to read about your brand at the point of purchase. The options for NFC are unlimited

The other benefit of our bespoke wine labels, we can also integrate a bespoke hologram design or hologram foil into the wine label. Having a hologram element to your label will ensure that your product isn’t copied and continue the integrity of your brand. Here are just some of the stories that highlight the issue and believe me, the issue is not just with wine makers, even Hollywood stars are being hit:

Angelina & Brad wines are copied

Chinese fake Australian Wines

Fake SA wine marketed in China

Classic wine hit by fake copies

OK, so there are some things that we can do to help promote your product in a crowded market. All you need to do now is to contact us to discuss how Hague Australia can help promote your product, protect your brand and help your business grow.

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