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We all know the feeling of wasting time waiting for team members to answer your IT-related questions.  Why have to wait in an overcrowded office waiting area; Surely there is a better way to deal with your internal enquiries.

The Staff experience had to change!



Want to Interact?

Did you know you can join a virtual Queue and we’ll let you know when we are ready to see you?  By joining the queue virtually you can choose to wait anywhere you like.  Once you are near the front of the queue you will be sent an SMS or WhatsApp message advising you of where and when you are to be seen.


Fiveways to join a Hague QTrac virtual Queue or Book an Appointment:


1. Use your Mobile

To join a service, please SMS +661 387 3051 and add the relevant code word ithelp. You will instantly receive an SMS response with an estimated wait time.

Concierge messaging


2. Use the following web link: Appointment Booking

3. Via a QR Code

Please scan the QR code below:


4. On the fifth floor (IT Department)

Speak to the Concierge or use a touch-screen kiosk

Touch screen kiosk


5. Via your business App

Open the App, click Services and follow the instructions



Office 365 integration

If your business uses Office 365, Hague QTrac can be integrated.  Having this link ensures that Staff does not have to manage multiple calendars.  Staff can use their Office 365 Calendar; any changes will be reflected in the Hague QTrac Appointment Booking Calendar.

Resources (Counter Staff) can create a schedule for when they can accept appointments.  If the help has a pre-booked appointment (internal meeting for example), the time will be blocked within Hague QTrac Queue Management Appointment Booking.  At no time are any pre-booked appointments or meetings displayed in Hague QTrac Appointment Booking.

Appointment Booking Calendar


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