Appointment Booking

Online Appointment Booking is the new ‘go to’ for any customer service focussed organisation.

Ask anyone today and they will all same the same thing, “oh I’m just too busy” …  Why not give your customers an option to take control of the limited time available?

The FlexAppointments module allows Customers to book appointments with your business.  Customers can of course just look on web site and then use their mobile to join a queue however, FlexAppointments allows the Customer to choose a date and time and even tutor that suits them.

Customers can schedule an appointment, push back an appointment (if they are running late), reschedule an appointment and cancel an appointment…all from their mobile.


  • Customers can book an appointment on your website, your business App or SMS
  • Customers book appointments on specified dates and times with named resources
  • Customers get email and SMS confirmation with the interaction of cancelling or changing their appointment
  • Customers get an SMS reminder before their appointment
  • No more double-booking appointment slots
  • Integration to Office 365 for interaction between QLess and Staff calendars

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