Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking is the new ‘go-to’ for any customer service-focused organisation.

Ask anyone today and they will all say the same thing, “Oh I’m just too busy” …  Why not give your Customers or Students an option to take control of the limited time available?

The Hague QMS Appointment module allows Customers or Students to book appointments with your business. They simply go online to your business website or use their mobile phone; to select the type of service and the time and date which suits them.  Take it one step further and allow for face-to-face meetings with your staff or, virtual bookings using Zoom, Teams, Google Meet or other interactive sessions.

Customers and Students can schedule an appointment, push back an appointment (if they are running late), reschedule an appointment and cancel an appointment…all from their mobile.

appointment booking


  • Book an appointment on your website, your business App or by SMS
  • Book appointments on specified dates and times with named resources
  • The Customer or Student will receive an email and SMS confirmation with the interaction of cancelling or changing their appointment
  • Receive an SMS reminder before their appointment
  • No more double-booking appointment slots
  • Integration to Office 365 for interaction between Staff calendars

Appointment Booking is an integral part of Hgaue QMS.  No more additional licenses or additional charges; Appointment Booking is included within the annual subscription charge.

Hague QMS allows customers, students and patients to use multiple touchpoints both within your service centre (such as a QR code, touchscreen kiosk, Concierge or direct admission to the counter) or, externally such as their mobile phone or your website.

Hague QMS patented technology eliminates waiting in line by letting customers and students join a mobile queue or book an appointment from their mobile phones, tablets, or websites.  Hague QMS does not demand that customers or students need to wait in a cramped waiting area; they are free to get a coffee and catch up on the latest tweet safe in the knowledge that Hague QMS will let them know when it is their turn to be seen.

The wait times used are estimated using machine learning. They’re tailored to your unique business, eliminating the chance of human error. If anything changes, estimates are updated in real time and your guests are automatically notified.

Reduce wait times

See wait times broken down by your staff members, peak hours, or services, then automatically track and get help reducing wait times.  We use machine learning to understand your business and then propose ways to streamline operations. The longer you use it, the more fine-tuned its recommendations become.

Customers are more Punctual

Choose when to remind guests their turn or appointment is coming up by sending an SMS, email, or both. You’ll be able to tell them what to bring and any other important information

Seamless Check-in

All guests receive a unique QR code when they register. When they arrive at your business, simply scan their QR code to check them in. Blip, done!

How it works

Hague QMS is a Web-based software-as-a-service product.  There are no servers for you to buy or maintain, and there is no software beyond a web browser for you to download or install.  All the web interfaces can run on commodity hardware with an Internet browser, with no special requirements.


When you subscribe to Hague QMS, you automatically have access to all 85 Hague QMS Web Rest API.  The APIs are used to interface data in and out of Hague QMS and can be used not only for management reporting but also for student data lookup within your customer Knowledge Base or student CRM system.

Do not forget, with Hague QTrac, all APIs are free!

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