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Paper-based documentation is one of the easiest products to be counterfeit.  Documents can be copied, edited (with some pretty basic software) and passed off to unsuspecting employers or Businesses.





"The more successful the brand, the more chance that someone will be looking to profit from your brand’s I.P."

Document fraud prevention technologies

Hague provides secure document printing solutions that include some of the world’s leading security technologies. Our document security ranges from simplistic print embossing to the use of ultraviolet ink within the paper and even further to the use of complex bespoke holograms.

Hague offers a range of secure document printing options that prevent fraudulent copying and alterations ensuring that every official document is protected and cannot be copied or replicated.

Thousands of companies have placed their trust in Hague and benefit from our expertise in secure document printing. By partnering with Hague, you can be confident that all documents that are submitted to you as well as those that you reproduce for clients and stakeholders are hundred percent original and protected against forgery. A good way to start your brand protection strategy.



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APCA registered, Hague Australia offers secure cheque printing for leading banks and financial organisations in Australia

Hague Australia has built a substantial client base over many years by developing the very latest technologies to help combat payment fraud.  The fraudulent alteration of cheques and in some cases a whole cheque book has been on the rise over the last few years with many global banks falling victim.

Highly secure, our cheques come in a variety of format, colours and finishing including

  • Continuous cheques
  • A4 cheque remittances
  • Cheque books
  • Foreign drafts
  • Dividend warrants

Our cheques include the latest anti-fraud security features making them virtually impossible to alter, and reproduce:

  • Custom security design
  • Security paper
  • Numismatic design
  • Security ink
  • MICR number
  • Microtext
  • Audit number
  • Holograms

Our range of cheques and payments solutions can be overprinted and personalised with logos and corporate messages promoting your brand.  Added to this, our secure cheque printing solutions are complemented by our cheque printing software, Premiercheque+ and PremierBooks and MICR printers.

Gift vouchers & Gift Cards have a value. Criminals and fraudsters know this. Hague Australia will help you protect these highly prized vouchers.

Today, fraudulent people will look at every angle to try and obtain money or goods by any means necessary. Within the past decade, as credit cards have become harder to fraudulent reproduce, criminals have been looking back at other methods and one of these is the gift voucher.

Hague Australia is experienced in supplying gift voucher and gift cards using bespoke holograms, high-security inks and controlled watermarked papers.

Our in-house design team can work with you to create innovative and dynamic gift vouchers and voucher wallets’ design, in line with your corporate guidelines. A perfect sales and marketing tool, our secure gift vouchers carry your brand whilst creating a demand for your products.

Hague Australia security vouchers are designed using:

  • Secure holograms and holographic foils
  • Complex variable numbering and data matrices
  • Controlled watermarked papers
  • Security and tamper-evident inks

ID cards are fast becoming the first line of defence. 

At Hague Australia, we provide secure plastic ID cards, ID wallets and biometric, fingerprint and palm reader passcards for high profile companies and public organisations. Our ID cards can be supplied in polyester, PVC and composite with the following security features:

  • Custom holograms
  • Custom embedded security print
  • Braille
  • 2D, linear and infra-red barcodes
  • Magnetic stripe and proximity technology along with metallised core and Thermo rewritable.

Hague Australia manages the whole production process from the design of the card to delivery or we can add security features to your existing cards. Our flexible approach allows us to develop a cost-effective, secure solution that meets your needs and your budget. If you want to produce these yourselves, then Hague Australia has a comprehensive range of ID card solutions.

Our secure ID cards, access cards & building passes are used by Universities & Educational Institutions, Governmental Departments, Banks & Financial Institutions and Sports and Leisure venues.

Hague Australia offers a range of elections services to support local authorities with the organisation of elections through the provision of electoral documents.

We provide high-quality design and printing or electoral documents printing including:

  • Ballot papers
  • Canvass forms
  • Reminder notices
  • Poll cards
  • High volume mailing
  • Postal vote documents

A registered cheque printer with APCA, we manufacture electoral documents in a highly secure environment ensuring that the levels of security required for these sensitive documents are met.

We can tailor our electoral documents to each local authority ensuring they carry your brand, in line with your corporate guidelines and also that each document produced with your internal electoral department requirements.

"Using Hague Australia hologram labels, there was zero fraudulent merchandise produced or sold during the Commonwealth Games"

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