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Hague Australia understands the invaluable role that customer opinions play in shaping your services. Our Feedback Solutions are designed to empower your business with actionable insights, create customer loyalty, and drive continuous improvement.


Enhancing Service Experience through Feedback

Customer Feedback & Student Feedback Solutions have never been as important as they are today. Ask any business what their key drivers are- positive feedback is imperative and almost always a success metric.

Traditionally, feedback is obtained through customers going to external websites to review services. Whilst this is effective, if your business isn’t putting any emphasis on leaving feedback, you are missing out on getting the most out of your customers. Customers and students can provide good reviews and support brand advocacy, which can be used as testimonial content in your business’ marketing. Less positive reviews can also still be very helpful, as they highlight how you can improve your services and business.

Hague Australia’s QMS (Queue Management Solution) includes a Customer & Student feedback solution, which helps businesses get reviews from customers as soon as the service is implemented. This helps to elevate the workload for operation and management teams.

How it works:

Once the service is complete, your customers or students leave the service area and occasionally, you will receive feedback however, the chance is, only if they receive a bad experience.

With the Hague QMS solution, you can ask your customers or students for feedback in a real-time SMS exchange.  Once they have finished being served, Hague QMS can automatically send an SMS asking what they thought of their experience.  Staff members don’t have to do anything and the questions asked can be changed by you.

Once the feedback is received, it automatically is applied to the original transaction. Now you have information about which customer/student, what service, how long they waited, who called them forward for service, length of service, wrap-up code, and their real-time feedback.

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Mike Wheble, Managing Director

"At Hague Australia, we understand that customer feedback is an essential aspect of success in the business world. It is not merely about listening to customers; it's about understanding, adapting, and thriving in the ever-evolving landscape."

Mike Wheble, Managing Director


Realtime Feedback

With the Hague Queue Management solution, you can ask your customers & students for feedback solutions via SMS. Once they have finished being served, Hague Queue Management can automatically send an SMS asking what they thought of their experience.  The questions can be changed and customised easily, so you know you are getting the feedback you require.

Having recent, real-time feedback can prove invaluable to service centre managers and directors in their goal to create a better experience for customers & students alike.

Click here for more information about our customer feedback solutions.

For more information on Feedback Solutions, have a look at the Queensland Government’s latest blog.  Click Here

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Frequently asked questions

Yes it is! The Customer Feedback solution is part of Hague QMS, it can be seamlessly integrated within your existing programs and system.

We prioritize data security and comply with industry standards to ensure your feedback data is protected.

Our real-time analytics feature allows you to see results and insights almost immediately after feedback is submitted, enabling you to take swift action.

The solution is included in our QMS software, so there is no extra hardware you need to purchase. Get in touch today for a quote for your organisation!

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