Queue Management in Student & Customer Service Centres

The QLess ‘virtual’ queue management solution helps your business improve customer service by allowing your students, customers or patients to use their mobile phone to book an appointment or their place in a virtual queue.

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PremierGrad for Graduation Day

PremierGrad is the first dedicated interactive Graduation Day solution designed to help students and Admin staff manage their time on a very important day.


PremierGrad uses the students mobile to inform them of the service, where to go, when to be seated and other related information.

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QLess customer management within Council Service Centres

QLess Customer Management solution helps businesses manage the flow through of customers within their service centres.


Council services can deploy QLess on a mobile phone, App, web site or service centre touch-screen kiosk

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Solchar - Cheque scanning & validation

Maximise efficiency within your bank or financial institution with Solchar Cheque online scanning and validation solution.


Scan and process batches of cheques rapidly – validate the amounts and produce proof of deposit at the click of a button.

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Certificate & document infill service

Hague Australia provides a range of security print solutions and services which include Testamurs, Transcripts and AHEGS with the latest security features.


Our infill service removes the need for Universities to infill their own graduation papers.  Our secure infill service will manage the process from start to finish.

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Event tickets with security validation

Hague Australia have an in house design team that will create your event ticket and ensure that it incorporates the latest is security print technology.

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Brand protection holograms & labels

Hague Australia’s range of  hologram label solutions help combat fraudulent product reproduction.

Our design team will create a unique bespoke hologram which is relevant to your brand and in addition, will register the hologram on a global basis with IMHA

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Free Concierge App for Customer Service Centres

Hague Australia provide QLess Queue Management solution for Government agencies, Education facilities, healthcare and retail within Australia.  QLess incorporates the latest interactive customer management technologies including SMS, App, web and now, Free Concierge using an iPad.  The Concierge is the first point of contact within a service centre and can help manage queues at busier periods.

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Hague Australia is a trusted business partner for leading Australian companies. Our solutions encompass Security Print, Certificate printing, Cheque printing, in-fill services and a range of business efficient technology solutions.

Our brand protection products extend way beyond traditional bespoke hologram foil, and now encompass a wide range of other dynamic security print features. Our brand protection holograms ensure that product is the genuine article and reassures the purchaser that they have a quality product.

Hague Australia brings business efficiency through the use of dynamic technology solutions including the market-leading Queue Management solution QLess which manages the flow of customers, students or patients through your business.  PremierGrad; dynamic notifies students during Student Graduation services to ensure they know where they need to be and when they should be there.

“By our calculations, every day we delayed getting a solution in place, it cost us roughly 7,500 lost customers,” said the Global Head of Retail Technology.  “On an annual basis, that translates to more than a half a million dollars in profit.”

Just some of our solutions

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Hague Australia offers a single point of contact for high quality and innovative Brand Protection labels, Security Print and Software Solutions to blue chip clients including: Universities, TAFEs, Banks, Government Agencies, Retailers, Manufacturers and Sporting Venues across the globe.

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