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Welcome to the world of identification solutions. From standard IDs to security passes, visitor, and loyalty membership cards, we've got everything. And that's not all- we also provide ID printers and software. Join us in transforming the way you handle identification with efficiency and security!


Efficient and Secure ID Card Solutions

Our ID card printing services offer a plethora of benefits and features that cater to the diverse needs of your business, ensuring a seamless and secure identification process. Efficiency lies at the heart of our services, as we understand the value of time in todays fast paced world. With our advanced ID printers and streamlined processes, we guarantee swift production and delivery of high quality ID cards.

Security is a top priority for us. Our ID card solutions incorporate cutting-edge security features, such as holograms, and encrypted data encoding, to safeguard against unauthorised access and counterfeit attempts. Rest assured, your sensitive areas and confidential information remain protected:

  • All data is securely uploaded via SFTP and is fully GDPR compliant.
  • We offer a wide range of secure card technologies, protecting your business and ID card users.
  • Our software is always up to date, currently using the latest cloud based ID card issuance software
  • We also offer virtual ID card options so you can access your ID card straight from your smartphone.

Personalisation for Your ID Card Printing Needs

Our ID card printing service stand out for their seamless integration with customers’ existing systems, making the adoption process smooth and hassle free. We understand the importance of personalisation, and that’s why our solutions offer a high level of customisation to meet your unique requirements. From design to layout, colours to card features, we provide an extensive range of options, allowing you to create ID cards that truly represent your organisation’s identity.

  • We can easily incorporate company logos, branding elements, and individualised information, adding a professional and personal touch to each card.
  • Enjoy flexibility with our wide range of colours, materials, and card features, allowing you to create ID cards that perfectly align with your organisation’s aesthetics and needs.
  • We offer more than just ID cards; our comprehensive solutions include lanyards, loyalty cards and other related items that create a unified and professional image for your identification and branding needs.


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Meet the Team

Joanna Mullarkey, Security Print Sales Manager

"Within the security print team we find a passion for safeguarding trust and empowering identities. Working with ID cards allows us to protect the essence of individuals and organisations, forging a bond of security and reliability with every print."

Joanna Mullarkey, Security Print Sales Manager


Industries we serve

Having printed over 1 million ID cards, we class ourselves as ID printing experts. The many industries we serve know they are in safe hands with Hague. These include:

Don’t see your industry above? Get in touch and see how our ID print solutions can be tailored to your organisation.

Our Partnership with UniCard

We have partnered with UniCard, an Australia based leading provider of ID card technology with over 30 years experience in ID card printing.

This exclusive partnership allows us to offer the Australian market UniCard’s full range of ID card issuance solutions- including identity One and CaptureMe. To find out more, download our PDF.

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Frequently asked questions

ID card printing can be used to create various types of identification cards, including employee ID cards, student ID cards, membership cards, access control cards, healthcare cards, and government-issued IDs.

The minimum order quantity for ID cards can vary depending on the printing service you choose. Get in touch to discuss order quantities with one of our ID card experts.

Yes, ID cards can be customised with various design elements, including colours, graphics, text, and security features. Customization options may also include variable data printing to personalize cards with unique information for each cardholder.

Yes, ID cards can be encoded with additional information to enhance their functionality. Common encoding methods include:

Magnetic stripes: these can store data, such as user IDs or access levels, which can easily be scanned.

Barcodes: these can hold various data, such as membership numbers or account details, and can be easily scanned with barcode readers.

RFID/NFC technology: RFID or NFC chips can be embedded in the card, enabling contactless communication with compatible readers.

Smart Card Technology: Smart cards have an embedded microchip that can securely store and process data, making them more suitable for more advanced security applications.

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