Integrated Labels

Hague Australia is a leading label printing company, providing comprehensive integrated labels services with over 40 years of experience working with blue chip clients in the UK and overseas.

Expert Integrated Label Solutions

Hague Australia supplies a full range of Integrated Labels for a variety of applications. Plain labels include both direct thermal and thermal transfer materials and can be supplied on rolls and in fanfold formats. These labels can also be pre-printed with additional text or information.

A4 Integrated Labels

Looking for premium A4 integrated label paper? We also stock a full range of A4 Laser Labels available on a variety of substrates.

Why Choose Hague Australia’s Integrated Labels?

Hague Australia are trusted print and integrated labels manufacturers, renowned for offering innovative and complex managed print solutions and print services to blue chip clients throughout Australia.

✓ Team of seasoned print and software experts with over 40 years experience

✓ Guarantee service, quality and savings

✓ Most environmentally friendly printer in Australia

✓ Sustainable, 100% recyclable paper-based products, accredited with the forest stewardship council (FSC)

Meet our team of print and software professionals to find out more about our expertise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are integrated labels?
A: Integrated labels are specially designed labels that are integrated into sheets of paper or forms, allowing you to print information directly onto the label while also printing on the rest of the sheet. They are ideal for e-commerce, shipping, inventory management and other applications.

Q: How can integrated labels benefit my business?
A: Integrated shipping labels streamline your packing and shipping process, reduce errors, and save time by combining the packing slip and shipping label on a single sheet which can help you save costs and improve your customer experience.

Q: How do I order integrated labels from Hague Australia?
A: Please submit an enquiry using the form below to get in touch with our team. Include relevant information such as the quantity and size of the integrated label sheets required.

Other Print Solutions

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