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Discover Hague’s Queue Management system, making managing customers, students, or patients as seamless and efficient as possible. Our virtual system goes above and beyond the basic conventional use of a queue management, by letting your customers interact with the system and controlling their experience with it.


Transform your customers’ queuing experience

Hague Queue Management allows customers, students, or patients to join an interactive ‘virtual’ queue and once joined, they are free to do whatever they want.  Hague Queue Management will inform the customer, student, or patient of their actual wait time.  No longer ‘take a ticket, sit and wait’.  Now your customers have the freedom to do what they want.

The service goes far beyond simply sending a single text message or phone call when you are ready to serve the customer. It allows them to check wait times, select a service on offer, join a virtual service, book an Appointment, and request on-demand status updates.

Customers, students, or patients can use your website, business app or their mobile phones to check on services on offer and wait times.  Alternatively, they can use an onsite Concierge, or touchscreen kiosk or speak directly to one of your advisors.  All options are included free of charge within the annual subscription.  The real-time Appointment Booking module integrates directly with your website or business app.  At the end of the service, via our customer feedback solution, a link is provided automatically; now you know what they thought of the service!

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Joanne Mullarkey, Security Print Sales Manager

"As businesses continue to prioritize efficiency and customer satisfaction, virtual queue management becomes an valuable tool for achieving these objectives. At Hague, we strive to be constantly seeking to provide innovative solutions that improve businesses and their services to their customers."

Joanne Mullarkey, Security Print Sales Manager


Hague’s state-of-the-art solutions

Today’s Queue Management solutions (sometimes called Customer or Student Management), now include integration touchpoints to your CRM or Knowledge Management solution.  Now you can have all the information you want at your fingertips.  No more rekeying information in different systems. To date, Appointment Booking systems have been complex, clunky, and non-user-friendly.  As you can embed Hague Queue Management within your website or business App, all the Appointment Booking functionality will have a consistent look and feel to your existing systems.

Take it one step further, shouldn’t you be using your website for more than information sharing?  Why not let customers/students view services on offer and then interact with those services, join a virtual waitlist, or book an Appointment?

Other major improvements include click-to-chat, interactive messaging (SMS or WhatsApp), virtual waitlists and virtual meetings where a staff member can be at any of your office locations or, working from home.

To help with efficiencies, Hague Queue Management also includes a staff dashboard in which, they can view summary information such as the number of appointments that day, the number of customers queueing, corporate intranets and links to your CRM system. With Hague Queue Management, you don’t need a kiosk however, we recognize that not all customers will carry a mobile phone! If you require a kiosk, we can reuse your existing equipment or Hague Australia can provide commercial grade 22” touch screens or iPad or Samsung tablets.

For customers who want to wait in the waiting area, Hague Queue Management comes with a free media software platform.  The Monitor display will show service, wait times, and queue positions.  In addition, your marketing team can add messaging and videos as and when they want.  Now your marketing team can get their message across.

With Hague Queue Management, you pay a one-off set-up fee for hosting, configuration, building and online training.  After that, there is an annual subscription that includes all the modules, services, local and international support, help desk and all future upgrades. Hague Queue Management is 100% Internet-enabled which means, no software to install, no costly bespoke hardware, no lengthy technical projects, and no large upfront capital costs.  We can implement Hague Queue Management within four weeks of the order going live!

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Frequently asked questions

It is designed to streamline and enhance the process of managing customer queues in various service-oriented industries. Instead of traditional physical queues, this software uses technology to create a virtual and more efficient queue system.

There are many benefits to using Hague Queue Management. Some include- improved efficiency, improved customer experience, streamlining the experience for the customer, improved scheduling, customer trust and loyalty, along with adaptability and customization.

Virtually any business with customer queues can benefit, including retail stores, healthcare facilities, government offices, banks and more. Anywhere with a need for organized and efficient customer service.

Yes, many virtual queue systems offer appointment scheduling features. Customers can book specific time slots for services, allowing businesses to manage resources more effectively and providing customers with a more predictable experience.

As previously mentioned, there is a one-off fee associated with the management system. Get in touch with us today to discuss your needs!

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