Queue Management

Customer Queue Management is the buzzword for managing customers, students or patients within your Service Centre or Health Clinic.

QLess Mobile Queuing is highly interactive. It allows customers, students or patients to join an interactive ‘virtual’ queue and once joined, they are free to do whatever they want.  The QLess service will keep the customer, student or patient informed of their actual wait time.  No longer ‘take a ticket, sit and wait’.  Now your customers have the freedom to do what they want.

The service goes far beyond simply sending a single text message or phone call when you are ready to serve the customer. It allows them to check wait times, select queues, join queues, move queues, request on-demand status updates.

Customers, students or patients can use their mobile phones to check on services on offer and wait times.  Alternatively, they can use your website, onsite Concierge, touchscreen kiosk or your business App.  All options are included free of charge within the annual subscription.  If your business needs real-time Appointment Booking, no problem, we have that as well.

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