Hague Australia leads the way in secure software solutions designed to reduce costs by streamlining processes and adding increased business efficiencies.

Secure Software Solutions

Hague’s software solutions with a range of Customer and Student Experience, Customer Queue Management, Customer Feedback, Student Management, Visitor Management and Financial applications are relied upon daily by more than 1,500 software customers across the globe.

Many of our applications are now being installed in different languages and currencies.

Our dedicated in-house software development team can develop bespoke products to meet your business requirements.

Here are some examples of how Hague Australia’s software solutions can help businesses:

Customer and Student Queue Management: This solution can help reduce wait times and improve customer satisfaction by automatically managing the flow of customers through a business.

Concierge service: This solution can provide customers with a more personalized and streamlined experience by assisting with their needs, such as providing directions, answering questions, or helping them complete their transactions.

Real-time Customer or Student Feedback: This solution can help businesses gather valuable feedback from their customers or students in real time, which can be used to improve their products and services.

Appointment Booking: This solution can help businesses reduce the number of phone calls and emails they receive by allowing customers to book appointments online or through a mobile app.

PremierCert – Electronic Certificates: This solution can help businesses streamline the process of issuing certificates by providing an online platform for customers to order and manage their certificates.

Solchar PremierCheque: This solution can help businesses to automate the cheque reconciliation process, which can save time and reduce the risk of errors.


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