Hologram Applicator

The Hague Securogram is a low-cost, desktop unit that allows you to apply sophisticated holographic images onto a wide variety of documents including cheques, plastic credit cards, ID cards, degree certificates, shipping documents, visas, passports, tickets and vehicle licences.

The Hague Securogram applies highly secure holographic foils onto paper from 80gsm up to plastic cards. The Hague Securogram can also stamp using transparent holographic foil to seal in and protect sensitive information and with a customised dye you can produce a design that’s unique to your company. Used by banks, governments and blue chip clients worldwide, the Hague Securogram is the cost-effective way to secure your documents.

Hague Securogram is used by companies and governments worldwide including:

  • Banks
  • Insurance Firms
  • Lawyers
  • Accountants
  • Universities & Exam Boards
  • Sporting Venues & Leisure Companies
  • Travel Companies
  • Government Departments

Instant Hologram: Combine hologram foils and the Securogram to add instant security to your existing documents.


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