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Security labels are an effective deterrent against tampering and counterfeiting, protecting businesses by ensuring the authenticity and integrity of products. Hague Australia’s custom security labels are designed with unique and complex features such as holograms, tamper-evident seals and watermarks that can’t be replicated. As well as enhancing product security, our security labels are equipped with barcodes and complex numbering matrices for optimal traceability.


Hague Australia’s Security Label Printing Services

Hague Australia has a range of Security Labels for businesses across the world.

We supply billions of labels each year and are at the forefront of the design and development of high-security self-adhesive products.

We design and supply a wide variety of self-adhesive security labels:

  • Secure Revenue Tax Stamps
  • A4 Laser Sheets with integrated label
  • Thermal Coated, Standard and Security Face Papers
  • Adhesives to suit all Applications
  • Highly Secure Designs
  • Complex Security Inks
  • Sophisticated Holograms
  • Barcodes, Variable Data and Complex Numbering Matrices

All Hague Australia security labels have multi-layered complex security features – we design and develop a bespoke solution that protects your brand and products.


What Industries Can Benefit From Tamper Evident Security Labels?

Companies across a broad range of sectors use tamper evident security labels to safeguard their products, protect their brand and ensure consumer trust and safety.

  • Secure labels reduce the risk of counterfeiting, making them particularly beneficial for industries where regulation compliance and authenticity is paramount such as pharmaceuticals, luxury goods and electronics
  • Security label stickers are engineered to show visible signs of tampering such as a void message or a broken seal which is an invaluable asset for industries such as logistics, retail and healthcare that deal with sensitive or high-value products
  • Retailers also use security stickers to safeguard against shoplifting and product tampering whilst the electronics industry relies on them to protect against grey market goods
  • Use in the food and beverage sectors help to maintain product integrity and consumer safety
  • Government agencies and educational institutions utilise security labels to secure official documents and academic credentials
  • The traceability of security labels with serial numbers, QR codes and RFID technology is vital for inventory management as well as helping in recall situations.

Custom Security Labels

Hague Australia offer security labels that can be customised to meet specific industry requirements, allowing businesses to choose features that align with their unique security needs.


Why Choose Hague Australia’s Security Label Printing Solutions?

Hague Australia are renowned for providing innovative and complex print Solutions to Trade Clients throughout Australia.
✓ Team of seasoned print and software experts
✓ Offer multi-layer and complex security features to ensure security labels are tamper evident
✓ Most environmentally friendly printer in Australia.
✓ Sustainable, 100% recyclable paper-based products, accredited with the forest stewardship council (FSC)

Meet our team of print and software professionals to find out more about our expertise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are security labels durable against environmental factors?

A: Yes, our labels are made with materials and adhesives that can withstand various conditions like extreme temperatures, moisture, sunlight and chemicals. This ensures that security features remain intact and functional, enabling them to protect products across different industries and environments.

Q: What should be considered when choosing a security label?

A: A well designed and reliable security label should include complex security features such as holograms, void patterns or watermarks, be made of durable materials, have legible barcodes, fit the product appropriately and adhere to relevant regulations and industry standards.

Q: How do security labels differ from standard labels?

A: Standard labels are used for identification, branding and providing information whilst security labels have additional specialised features for protection and authentication and are more durable to withstand environmental challenges and counterfeiting attempts.


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