About Us

Hague Australia are experts in the provision of security documents & printing, brand protection and technical solutions that safeguard your brand and add efficiency to your business.

Our brand protection products include a bespoke hologram, tickets, certificates, and tamper-evident labels.  Additionally, our security print products incorporate the latest design and security features within cheque production, ballot papers, and official documentation.

The software solutions we deploy are Cloud-based and therefore, no need for a server, license installation, software support agreements or complex, elongated projects.  Our software solutions are aimed at streamlining business efficiency while improving Customer Experience in your service center or student services.

QLess, Australia’s leading queue, and student management solution utilizes your customer or student mobile phone in the order they can join a virtual queue.  Once joined, they are free to go and do what they want rather than waiting in a cramped waiting area as QLess will keep them informed of their wait time and call them forward when it’s their turn.  QLess also has several other features such as Concierge and touch-screen kiosks.

PremierCert is an online SAAS based document management & ordering system used by University administrators, students, potential employers and print facilities.  PremierCert+ successfully combines the use of print and electronic documents which students can order and pay using the linked PremierCert + PayPal account.

Solchar PremierCheque is a  Cheque scanning solution is an instant online cheque scanning and verification solution used by banks and building societies throughout the world.  Additionally, Hague Australia also supplies Cheque Scanners and Readers.

“Implementation of QLess has been highly successful,” said the Director of Student Services.

Our Story

Hague Australia’s office is a new 40,000sqm factory & head office facility in Melbourne.  The facility offers a wide range of products including Certificates, Holograms, Cheques, Integrated Cards, Parking Permits, Integrated Labels, Gift Vouchers, Secure digital personalisation of data, Exam Papers, brand protection holographic labels & secure event tickets.

Hague Australia’s print facility includes two acquired businesses of Foremost Business Forms and Schinners.  Both businesses were renowned for providing innovative and complex print Solutions to Trade Clients throughout Australia.

Hague in Australia are members of the IHMA and APCA registered for cheque printing.

Our IT services division based in the Queensland, Australia & London, UK offers the world’s leading mobile Queue Management system QLess as well as online data validation solutions and Document capture & management software.

Operating in more than 50 countries worldwide, Hague Australia offers a single point of contact for high quality and innovative Print and Technology Solutions to clients such Universities, TAFE’s, Banks, Government Agencies, Retailers, Health Care Providers, Manufacturers, Sporting Venues across & our Australian trade print partners.

Hague Australia is part of Hague Group operating in thirty countries worldwide and has a combined turnover of $40m last year.

Meet the Team

“As specialised experts in security print, Hague Australia have helped us reduce the risk of fraud on a range of secure documents across the university”

Our services include


  • QLess: Customer, Student and Patient (virtual) Queue Management
  • Solchar PremierChequeCheque & Document imagining for faster reconciliation
  • PremierCert: Online student and customer verification
  • PremierSign: Intelligent meeting room signage

Security Print:

If you would like to download our current Credit Application form for Security Print, please click the following link


"Operational improvement within our Service Centre was achieved with Hague Australia"
"Hague Australia really understood our technical requirements"

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