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With offices in Victoria & Queensland, Hague Australia work with Australia’s leading brands which include Universities, Government, Financial Institutions, Retailers, Manufacturers, Healthcare Providers and many more. 

Hague Australia are experts in the provision of security documents & printing, brand protection and technical solutions that safeguard your brand and add efficiency to your business.  

Our brand protection products include bespoke hologram, tickets, certificates and tamper-evident labels.  Additionally, our security print products incorporate the latest design and security features within cheque production, ballot papers and official documentation.

The software solutions we deploy are Cloud based and therefore, no need for a server, license installation, software support agreements or complex, elongated projects.  Our software solutions are aimed at streamlining business efficiency while improving Customer Experience in your service centre or student services.

Hague Australia is part of Hague Group operating in thirty countries worldwide and has a combined turnover of $45m last year.

“Hague have printed our degree certificates for two years and have given excellent service and advice in that time. As specialised experts in security print, they have helped us reduce the risk of fraud on a range of secure documents across the university.”

Our services include:

  • Produce bespoke holograms & security print for Universities, Government agencies, event organisers and Retail Brands
  • Bespoke hologram creation, design and manufacture
  • Secure print & storage production unit in Melbourne
  • Complete document infill service for Universities & Learning organisations
  • Security labels


  • QLess: Customer & Student (virtual) queue management
  • Intelligent meeting room signage
  • ID card verification

Friends in high places

Hague Australia is part of Hague Group operating in thirty countries worldwide and has a combined turnover in 2016 of $35m. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland, Hague Australia work with leading brands across the country.

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Meet The Team

Mike Wheble

Mike Wheble

Mike Wheble is a seasoned professional having worked with some of the world most avant-garde companies. Mike’s experience is centred around delivering innovative projects to clients who demand the best.

Mike has the expertise, knowledge of principles and methods for strategic planning, resource allocation and coordination of people and resources to deliver projects and exceed expectations.

Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems, Mike is a highly motivated business leader and skilled communicator; able to maintain cultural sensitivity, establish rapport, and promote team cohesiveness.

Mike is focused on expanding Hague Australia to be the preferred supplier of Brand Protection & Security Print solutions to leading Australian’s leading public and private organisations.

Jeff Galindo

Jeff Galindo

Jeff Galindo was a founding director of Foremost Print Solutions in 1989 and sole owner of Foremost Business Forms since 2006.  With over 25 years experience in security print, Jeff has developed the business based on the provision of high quality print, exceptional service levels and a personal approach.

He is an industry expert and an advisory on the APNL (formally APCA) Printing Standard sub-committee (PSSC).


Simon Hayward

Simon Hayward

One of the UK’s leading security print & IT solution experts, Simon manages a team of highly trained account managers with customers in over 50 countries worldwide.

With a passion for fraud prevention & brand protection, especially within the higher education & retail sectors, he can often be seen as a guest speaker at international conferences highlighting the importance for a coordinated approach to protect a brand from fraud.

Simon has been working in the Australian market for over 10 years.

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