Hague design, create, print and source a diverse range of products and services that help to keep organisations in the finance sector working effectively and at pace, amidst it’s digitally transforming environment.

Our expertise in this sector is recognised at an industry level and we are proud to count the largest banks, building societies and insurance companies amongst our most valued customers.

Our solutions encompass everything from high-security C&CCC Audit Standard 55 cheques through to the industry-leading cheque-clearing software platform, Solchar TJ, which provides imaged-based cheque transmissions into the Image Clearing System. These products are renowned, trusted and widely used by clients across the financial services sector.

Our services are complemented by some of the world’s leading security design experts, a team versed in creating industry pioneering anti-fraud technologies, which are used today by every major bank in the UK.

A 40-year heritage of supplying specialist security products is enhanced by professional sourcing capabilities including products as diverse as labels and promotional goods through to point-of-sale and PPE.  We specialise in providing those ‘difficult to source items’.

Hague is a member of the International Hologram Manufacturers Association.

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  • Cheque & Credit Design Studio – C&CCC Audit Standard 55 compatible
  • A4 Cheques & Remittances
  • Chequebooks & Credit books
  • System & Continuous Cheques
  • Warrants, Certificates
  • Bespoke, Personalised & Encoded Holograms
  • Cheque Printing Equipment, Software, Hardware, Toner, Base Stock
  • Cheque Clearing Software, Hardware & Engineering Services
  • Cheque Clearing Bureau Services


  • Leaflets, Catalogues & Brochures POS, Signage & Marketing Products
  • Direct Mail, Flyers & Door Drops
  • Packaging & Return Carriers
  • Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards
  • Gift & Promotional Vouchers
  • Audit & Receipt Rolls
  • Staff ID Cards & Badges

Brand Protection

  • Warrants, Certificates
  • Bespoke, Personalised & Encoded Holograms
  • Security Tickets, Vouchers & Passes
  • Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards
  • Staff ID Cards & Badges

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