Hague Australia provides a range of security print documents, duplicate forms and a range of innovative print solutions. Our technology solutions team utilize the best patient care and patient management solutions including Patient Queue Management and Patient Flow solution.

Hague Australia is helping Healthcare providers and hospitals achieve greater efficiencies through the use of dynamic technologies.

Our security print and brand protection products such as Pharmaceutical labels ensure that patients receive ‘genuine’ drugs and medication.

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Healthcare Solutions

A comprehensive array of products is complimented by new bespoke product development for individual hospital requirements:

  • Patient Management
  • Case Note Folders
  • Secure Case Note Wallets
  • Custom PVC Products
  • Tab Dividers
  • Mount Sheets
  • Filing Mechanisms
  • Tracer Cards
  • Barcode Labels/Printers
  • A4 Laser Labels
  • Medi-clips
  • Plastic ‘Paperlight’ Re-Cyclable folders
  • Patient ID Wristbands

Community Services

A multitude of plain and printed files and wallets are available in sizes and substrates to suit all requirements:

  • Case Note Folders
  • Dividers
  • Marketing Leaflets
  • Polypropylene Folders
  • Outer PVC Case Note Wallets
  • Mailing Solutions for Immunisation Campaigns

Accident & Emergency

Busy casualty departments need an efficient workflow. We design products and systems to suit the way you want to work:


Child Health

Specialising in child health we offer an extensive range of off-the-shelf products. This is complemented by the fulfilment of individual personalised requirements:

  • Immunisation Mailers
  • PVC Wallets
  • Medical Examination Forms
  • Screening Forms
  • Case Note folders
  • Labels
  • Pressure Seal Solutions
  • Digital Hybrid Mail options for posting letters
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