Hague understands the challenges faced by our customers, in particular in the retail sector. Operating in a fast pace environment and with the impact of online shopping, retailers require innovative and cost-effective solutions to promote their brand and stay ahead of the competition.

Our retail clients range from small independent stores to high street chains and international brands.

Our specialist retail team is highly experienced in advising retailers and providing them with a wide range of printed products. Our aim is to help brands to maximise their customers’ journey from Direct Mail to “in-shop” signage, POS, tags, labels and carrier bags. We can also work with you to create customer retention with gift vouchers, gift cards and loyalty schemes.

We will work in partnership with you to ensure that we meet your tight deadlines whilst offering cost-effective quality and fit-for purpose products.

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Hague designs and supplies millions of self-adhesive labels every year to the retail market. From protecting your brand with holographic and tamper-evident labels to box or pallet labels, we offer a comprehensive range of substrates, adhesives, and finishes. We can supply labels to fit any application and requirement including laser and thermal labels provided in roll, sheet or fanfold.

• A4 Laser Labels
• Thermal Labels & Ribbons
• Digital Labels
Security Labels including Tamper- Evident & Holograms Labels
Brand Protection Labels
Integrated Labels



As a retail specialist, we understand the importance of your brand identity. We can provide you with creative packaging solutions that will help carry your brand long after your customers leave the shop.

Our wide range of products includes gift wrapping goods,
boxes and bags of all shapes and sizes. We can supply
life-long recyclable packaging, personalised with your logo and company details for everyday use or for special promotional events or exhibitions.


Swing Tags

Hague provides the most competitive complete swing tag solution in the UK. Very versatile, swing tags can be used for a wide range of applications such as pricing, branding, security and marketing.

We can provide swing tags in any shapes or forms. Our retail team can work with you to create custom swing tags that will promote your brand whilst carrying all the key purchasing information through barcodes, QR codes and holograms.

As well as designing and printing your tags, we can also manage the order process and fulfilment on your behalf ensuring your retail outlets never run out of critical products.


Retail Print Solutions

• Labels, Tapes & Swing Tags
• Carrier Bags
• POS, Signage & Marketing Products
• Gift Cards, Loyalty Cards
• Gift & Promotional Vouchers
Brand Protection Products
• Leaflets, Catalogues & Brochures
• Direct Mail, Flyers & Door Drops
• Packaging & Return Carriers
• Tamper-Evident Labels
• Audit & Receipt Rolls
Staff ID Cards & Badges
• Uniforms
• Packaging
• Branded Promotional Products
• Free Standing Units

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