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Hague Australia’s Solchar TJ system is the next step in cheque scanning efficiency. Our service offers cutting-edge technology to streamline cheque processing for businesses of all sizes.


Cheque Scanning Solutions have Evolved

Scan, capture and process cheques and other documents in seconds. Simplify and streamline cheque management with Solchar TJ, Hague Australia’s cheque scanning and processing product.

Solchar TJ is the market leader in scalable imaging solutions.  Hague Australia helps organisations digitally transform and manage transactional documents through our cheque scanners and processing software. Solchar TJ captures and processes documents for the payments industry such as cheques, credits and transactional documents used by banks, building societies, businesses, and charities.

Cheque payments are undergoing a revolutionary change where the new Image Clearing System enables faster clearing of funds for everyone.

You can maximise the operational enhancements afforded by the new payment technologies and learn how Solchar TJ creates solutions that deliver lasting and profitable benefits for your organisation.

Moving to Digital Clearing – It’s the Future

Whatever clearing route you choose the other added value benefits of Solchar TJ apply;

  • Rapid cheque data capture
  • System-generated volume and values
  • Images of every transaction are stored for future reference
  • Search capability allows retrieval of cheque images
  • Access cheque data in a way you have not been able to do before
  • Security validation of cheques at the point of capture to reduce fraud

Our industry experts have gained valuable experience in this complex market over the last 17 years – we have earned a strong reputation for making positive change happen in business environments.  We will guide you through the journey to modernise your cheque and clearing processes and deliver improved efficiencies to your organisation.

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"Working at Hague and with the services we offer, you get to understand how our solutions are making an actual difference. You have the power to create and protect, making a difference in the world's digital evolution."

Joanne Mullarkey, Sales Manager


Protected and Secure Cheque Scanning

Direct Participation

At a complex level, we provide the entire cheque receipt and clearing service for two of the country’s larger banks. As Direct Participants in the ICS banking system, these banks use Solchar TJ software to manage cheque clearing, both into and out of the ICS Switch. Everything from the creation of digital images to the management of transmission messages, which leads to the allocation of funds and payments, is handled by our system.

Networked Systems

Where multiple branches or locations exist, such as building societies, for example, Solchar TJ provides the infrastructure to capture cheque images in branch before electronically transmitting them to a central finance facility or head office, where they are collated and administered as a batch.

With the cheque files imaged and already converted into the recognised industry format, the central finance office can easily transmit them digitally to the bank as a single batch. This networked system provides numerous cost-saving efficiencies, it provides immediate visibility of branch cheque receipts centrally and delivers cheque-clearing cost savings for the organisation.

Standalone Systems

Individual customers can also access digital clearing via our in-house bureau service. Through an additional application built into the system, you can securely transmit scanned cheque files to our Solchar TJ Processing Bureau. We then process the file, sending it digitally to your bank and removing the need for you to take the cheques in yourself.

This additional service relies on your bank being able to receive digital cheque transmissions from us. The process relies on the same security protocols and industry formats that apply to the whole industry in Australia, but it is more accessible and designed to help smaller-scale users access faster cheque payments.

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