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Revolutionise the way that your company manages and monitors visitors, contractors and staff visits with Hague Australia’s cloud-based DigiGreet system.


Streamline How You Manage Your Visitors

Visitor and contractor management monitors visitors, contractors and staff – allowing you to improve health and safety and reduce reception staff time in a single easy to use system. Out with the traditional paper book, and in with DigiGreet – the all in one Visitor Management System Solution.

It can be used in receptions to offer a smarter experience for visitors, staff, or contractors.

Why use the system?

Compared to a paper-based system, DigiGreet greatly reduces administration costs and time. It is easy to use with minimal training, and available with an easy set up for a monthly charge.

You can see who is on your premises at any time, and you can also see times, frequency, and other useful information to help you manage the business.

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Michael Anastasoglou, General Manager

"DigiGreet allow us to witness firsthand the transformative power of technology for efficiency and streamlining within managing visitors and contractors, and how beneficial the solution can be for organisations."

Michael Anastasoglou, General Manager


Features of DigiGreet

  • Monitoring – Real-time reports on who is on the premises.
  • Branding – The main screen of DigiGreet can be customised with your logos and colours.
  • Printing – You can print off branded visitor/ID badges.
  • Fire log reports – DigiGreet allows you to take a register of all the people on-site in a fire drill, keeping a log for health and safety purposes.
  • Multi-Site – Manage visitors and staff across multiple sites.
  • Health Safety – If you have a pre-requisite question or an agreement before a visitor can sign in, DigiGreet can take this into account.
  • Staff and Visitors – Manage staff differently to visitors.
  • Reporting – See key visit data such as contractor timesheets, daily visitor numbers and late arrivals.
  • Fobs – If you already have fobs, we can link them to DigiGreet.
  • Email/SMS Notifications – When a scheduled visitor arrives, DigiGreet will send you an email or SMS notification to let you know. (Email: Pro; Email & SMS: Enterprise)

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Frequently asked questions

Any organization that receives visitors can benefit from a visitor management solution. This includes businesses, schools, healthcare facilities, government buildings, and corporate offices.

Yes, DigiGreet offers integration with popular access control systems, allowing for seamless management of visitor access and enhanced security.

DigiGreet can send automatic notifications to hosts via email or SMS when their visitors arrive. Alerts can also be set up for specific security protocols or emergency situations.

Visitors can check in by entering their details on a tablet or kiosk at the reception area. They may receive a printed badge and any necessary instructions. When leaving, they can sign out using the same system.

Visitor data is protected through encryption, secure access protocols, and compliance with data protection regulations such as the Privacy Act.

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