Cheque Printing Solutions

PremierCheque+ and PremierCloud are Cheque Printing Solutions that enable you to personalise, sign and print cheques within your own business.

Simplify the process of issuing payments, from individual cheques and remittances to bankers draft’s and payroll cheques, by using your own company-branded cheques.

Built to run with C&CCC-approved TROY MICR printers and compatible with all accounting packages, our software integrates into your financial applications tailored to your requirements. Cheques are guaranteed to comply with prevailing banking standards and requirements.

Fast & Efficient

Cheques are printed with bank details, your own corporate and bank logos, currency symbols and signatures in one pass of the printer adhering to strict industry designs.

Our system prints up to 70 pages per minute, saving you time, and effort and significantly reducing the costs of making cheque payments.

Safe and secure

We set the system up to apply encrypted signatures of authorised signatories. You can manage these securely by password controls, eliminating the need to physically sign cheques each time.

Exceptionally high-security standards are built into the cheques, well above the minimum industry requirements, this includes the very latest UCN+ anti-fraud device to help you combat cheque fraud.

PremierCloud relies on data encryption to provide system integrity throughout the process, leaving a secure audit trail of user and data information.

Our PremierCheque+ software is available as a PC-based on-premise solution or alternatively cloud-based depending on your preferences.

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Cheque Printing Solutions

Additional Information:

Full service

Hague provide you with everything you need to print your own cheques – the printer, the software, the cheques and the toner. All this is supported by our engineers via our telephone service help desk.

Our team are here to help you with any queries ensuring that changing requirements can always be accommodated rapidly and to maintain your cheque printing solution.


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