Barcode Print & Labels

Our Barcode and plain thermal labels are used widely throughout the NHS in all main Pathology and Blood Transfusion departments as well as Pharmacy and Patient Services.

The barcode labels we supply are manufactured using the latest inkjet and digital laser technology.  They are verified “in line” to ensure there are no duplicate numbers within a batch or any readability issues. The labels are produced and finished in one press pass rather than separate thermal printers which can lead to human error and ribbon creases which disrupt the barcode elements. This ensures that a much greater level of quality control is achieved.

We offer labels in all the commonly used barcode formats in rolls and sheets.  Identifying the correct substrate and adhesive is a crucial part of our expertise and we recommend a trial on more complex solutions prior to any volume production.

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Barcode Print & Labels

Additional Information:

  • Pre-printed ink jet and digital laser barcode labels
  • Plain stock labels
  • A4 Laser labels, in any format
  • Tags and integrated labels
  • Self-laminating labels
  • Flexographic labels
  • Digital Colour labels
  • Embossed labels
  • Vinyl labels
  • Peel & Reveal labels

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