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Hague Australia specialise in advanced barcode labels and printing solutions. Barcode labels are essential tools for accurate data capture and management, utilising unique patterns to store information in a machine-readable format. Our services offer a comprehensive range of customisable barcode solutions, designed to enhance efficiency, accuracy and traceability across various industries. From retail to healthcare, our state-of-the-art barcode labels and print technologies ensure seamless integration into your existing systems, empowering your business with reliable and innovative data management solutions.


Hague Australia’s Barcode Label Printing Service

Hague Australia is a trusted barcode printing company. The printed barcode labels we supply are manufactured using the latest inkjet and digital laser technology and are verified “in line” to ensure there are no duplicate numbers within a batch or any readability issues. The labels are produced and finished in one press pass rather than separate thermal printers which can lead to human error and ribbon creases which disrupt the barcode elements. This ensures that a much greater level of quality control is achieved.

We offer barcode labels in all the commonly used barcode formats in rolls and sheets. Identifying the correct substrate and adhesive is a crucial part of our expertise and we recommend a trial on more complex solutions prior to any volume production.


What Industries Can Benefit From Secure Barcode Printing?

Barcode printing is a versatile solution that streamlines operations and enhances efficiency across a broad spectrum of industries. At Hague Australia, we understand the unique requirements of each sector, providing custom barcode label printing solutions.

Our barcodes and plain thermal labels are used widely throughout the NHS in all main Pathology and Blood Transfusion departments as well as Pharmacy and Patient Services.

Key industries that significantly benefit from our services include:

  • Healthcare: Barcode print ensures patient safety through accurate tracking of medications, patient records and lab specimens
  • Retail: Streamlines inventory management, simplifies checkout processes and assists in loss prevention strategies
  • Manufacturing: Facilitates the tracking of products through the production line, thus improving process control and quality assurance.
  • Logistics: Enhances traceability of goods from warehouse to delivery, optimising supply chain management
  • Education: Barcode sticker printing helps people working in the education sector to manage library systems, track assets and organise student records efficiently.
  • Government and Public Sector: Improves document tracking, asset management and process efficiency in various departments
  • Food and Beverage Industry: Assists in tracking expiry dates, batch numbers and maintaining compliance with food safety standards

At Hague Australia, we are committed to delivering top-quality barcode printing solutions, ensuring they are tailored to meet the specific needs of these diverse industries.


Custom Barcode Label Printing

Hague Australia offer labels that can be tailored to meet specific industry requirements, whether that’s custom or preprinted barcode labels, allowing businesses to choose features that align with their unique needs.


Why Choose Hague Australia’s Barcode Label Printing Service?

Hague Australia are renowned for providing innovative and complex barcode printing solutions and print services to Trade Clients throughout Australia.

✓ Team of seasoned print and software experts

✓ Barcode labels verified “in line” to ensure there are no duplicate numbers within a batch or readability issues

✓ Produced and finished in one press to ensure greater level of quality control

✓ Most environmentally friendly printer in Australia

✓ Sustainable, 100% recyclable paper-based products, accredited with the forest stewardship council (FSC)

Meet our team of print and software professionals to find out more about our expertise.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best printer for barcode labels?
A: The best printer for barcode labels depends on your specific needs. Thermal printers, inkjet and digital laser printers are highly recommended for their durability, efficiency and high-quality print.

Q: How do barcode labels work?
A: Barcode labels work by encoding data into a visual pattern that can be read by a scanner. This pattern, consisting of bars and spaces, represents numbers and letters that are decoded by the scanner and translated into digital information used for tracking and inventory management.

Q: Can two different products have the same barcode?
A: No, two different products cannot have the same barcode. Each barcode is unique and represents specific product information. This uniqueness is crucial for accurate inventory tracking, pricing and data management in retail and other industries.


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Barcode Print & Labels

Additional Information:

  • Pre-printed ink jet and digital laser barcode labels
  • Plain stock labels
  • A4 Laser labels, in any format
  • Tags and integrated labels
  • Self-laminating labels
  • Flexographic labels
  • Digital Colour labels
  • Embossed labels
  • Vinyl labels
  • Peel & Reveal labels

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