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Hague Australia works with leading Australian companies to provide secure documentation as well as an infill print service





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Managing Certificates & Secure Infilling for Australian Education

Paper-based documentation is one of the easiest products to be counterfeit. Documents can be copied, edited (with some pretty basic software) and passed off to unsuspecting employers, Banks, Government agencies or Education & Training organisations as genuine.

At Hague Australia, our experienced design team can conceive eye-catching designs in line with your corporate guidelines. We can provide printed certificates, diploma’s, testamurs, transcripts, and AHEGS as a base stock or we can overprint them using our efficient bureau service to deliver in-filled documents for distribution or sending them out directly to the students.

Hague Australia works closely with our clients and project manage all the elements of the design and production process through to delivery. Our reputation in the Education market is unrivaled.

Hague Australia has already created bespoke holograms for 30+ Australian Universities & over 60 UK Universities which are used on their Testamur, AHEG’s and Transcripts.

Hague Australia provides Certificates & Secure Infilling solutions that include some of the world’s leading security technologies. Our document security ranges from simple print embossing to the use of ultraviolet ink within the paper and even further to the use of complex bespoke holograms.

Our secure document infill service is used by Universities and other businesses to manage the infill of Testamurs, Certificates, Rates Notices and Customer Contact Forms.  The infill service can take away the pain and issues of providing an in-house print service or, as some Universities do, we can provide an infill service for busier times such as Graduation?

Hague Australia offers a range of secure document printing options that prevent fraudulent copying and alterations ensuring that every official document is protected and cannot be copied or replicated.

Thousands of companies have placed their trust in Hague Australia and benefit from our expertise in secure document printing.

By partnering with Hague Australia, you can be confident that all documents that are submitted to you as well as those that you reproduce for clients and stakeholders are hundred percent original and protected against forgery. A good way to start your brand protection strategy.

Graduation Folders

Hague Australia provides Graduation presentation folders and envelopes to Australian University, TAFE & learning organisations.  Our presentation folder range can be either durable plastic (which is waterproof), card or leathery style.  All presentation folders are made to order and you can choose the colour and the branding of the folder.  If you want help, no worries as our design team can propose ideas and show you hat the finished product will look like.

Added to our Graduation presentation folders, we can also manage the whole infill process of taking student data via our online secure web portal, infill certificates with student academic data, add a covering letter, insert into a presentation folder and post to the University in time for the Graduation service or send directly to the student.

Our offerings include:

  • Education certificates Testamurs, AHEGS, Statements and diplomas
  • Offer a secure document infill service for busier times; Graduations & ceremonies
  • Graduation & presentation folders
  • Diploma & Testamur design using full or partial security features
  • Sophisticated bespoke holograms
  • Controlled watermarked papers
  • State-of-the-art security print designs, in line with corporate guidelines
  • Complex verifiable numbering
  • Innovative & Highly Secure Inks
  • Audit stock control number
  • Full project management

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