Bespoke hologram labels

Bespoke hologram labels

What are bespoke hologram labels?

Ever since the early 1930’s, sporting goods and fashion items have become more and more collectable.  Everyone wants a memento of their favourite team or fashion brand not only because it’s their passion, but also because these items are an investment…and that could be a problem!

Until recently, all a buyer had to go on was the word of the seller and (if they were lucky), a paper certificate with an unrecognisable signature.  Well, times have changed, and today’s authentication uses various printed technologies.

Take for example Commonwealth Games 2018 which is to be held in the Gold Coast, Australia.  All merchandise sold carries a unique hologram label which has several security features.  Obviously, we are not going to say what these features are however, a hologram label can have up to ten security features as standard.  The best bit, the fraudster will never know which elements are incorporated?

Custom and bespoke hologram labels are the most cost-effective way to prove a product is genuine.  Typically, if a product or garment has a hologram label that relates to that product, fraudsters will look elsewhere to reproduce fraudulent goods.  A master hologram cannot be duplicated by counterfeiters.

Applications for holograms

Bespoke hologram labels are very versatile.  The name itself (bespoke) leads to the fact that hologram labels can be designed and produced to fit almost all product packaging.  Most hologram labels are designed for either product packaging or a label (such as a retail label).

In order you have the right size and shape of hologram label, you must determine the use:

  • Circular labels do not show misalignment on product packaging or labels
  • Narrow hologram labels are better suited to box edges
  • Oval shape labels are better suited for adhering directly to sports product such as Soccer Ball
  • Multidimensional hologram labels can be produced to fit any type of box or packaging you may have

Why Hague Australia?

Each hologram label is unique as is, each business that we deal with.  Our design team create bespoke holograms for a specific purpose.  Additionally, to create the design, our team will also register the hologram with IMHA in which, your design will have a global registration.

Want to know more about bespoke holograms and how they can help your business avoid fraudulent reproduction, contact us