Hague Australia provides a range of security print documents, duplicate forms and a range of innovative print solutions. Our technology solutions team utilize the best patient care and patient management solutions including QLess Patient Queue Management and Patient Flow solution.



Hague Australia is helping Healthcare providers and hospitals achieve greater efficiencies through the use of dynamic technologies.

“This hasn’t just been a minor improvement,” says Chief Executive Officer of the healthcare network. “QLess has totally changed how patients receive care"

Hague Australia understands the challenges of today’s healthcare markets, working with private and public health institutions and pharmaceutical organizations.  Healthcare institutions are asked to improve efficiency throughout the patient experience, however, with a restricted budget and limited resources, many struggles.  Hague Australia offers services specifically designed for the healthcare sector from commodity products such as forms and leaflets to technology-led services such as Patient Flow & Patient Queue Management Solutions.

Hague Australia works closely with each organization to ensure that our solutions are tailored to their requirements and the way they operate.

Our security print and brand protection products such as Pharmaceutical labels ensure that patients receive ‘genuine’ drugs and medication.

Our technology solutions such as QLess Patient Management and PremerSign consultant room booking signage ensure that efficiency is achieved.

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