Hague Australia launches Solchar Online Cheque Scanning & Validation

Hague Australia launches Solchar Online Cheque Scanning & Validation

Hague Australia is pleased to announce the addition of a new product to our portfolio.  Solchar cheque scanning and validation is already proven across the globe with businesses such as  Access BankPHS GroupDHL and local government agencies reaping the benefits of improved cheque validation and data transfer.

Solchar will help you manage multiple streams of data allowing you to print secure single cheques, cheque and remittance, banker’s draft, paying-in and deposit slips plus many more business forms.  The solution is in three parts:

  1. Cheque scanning hardware.  Clients have a range of cheque scanning hardware to choose from and our Hague Australia consultants will help you select the right product for your business.
  2. Transaction Journal.  Digitise and automate what can be a time consuming and complex business process.
  3. Transaction Finder.  Efficient online cheque clearing

Why PremierCheque and why now?

Cheque scanning & imaging can detect fraud even more accurately as you can easily compare number sequences, amounts, signatures, and different cheque stock to discover if there is a chance of a suspicious payment.

Cheque imaging provides new opportunities to combat fraud and tackle security threats that have been affecting cheque users for many years. Due to the reduced time lag in between cashing a cheque and the money being moved between accounts, cheque imaging eliminates types of cheque fraud that could take place in this time. Banks will also be able to contact the customer if they suspect behaviour that may seem out of the ordinary.

Mike Wheble – Managing Director of Hague Australia “we see cheque scanning and online validation as a real issue for Australian banks & financial institutions.  With the Australian release of Solchar, we believe we can help resolve that issue”.

Hague Australia is working closely with Solchar (part of the Hague Group).

Want to know more about Solchar and how it can fit within your business?  Email us at contact@hagueaustralia.com.au