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Customer Feedback solutions have never been as important as they are today.  Ask any business what are their key drivers and they will tell you; positive feedback is imperative.  The questions raised; how to achieve better customer & student feedback?

With traditional Customer & Student Queue Management solutions, once the service is complete, your customers or students leave the service centre and occasionally, you will receive feedback however, the chance is, only if they receive a really bad experience.  Invariably, these types of legacy solutions will require your customers or students to use touchscreen kiosks and select a happy or sad face; that’s not telling you anything.

With the Hague Queue Management solution, you can ask your customers & students for feedback in a real-time SMS exchange.  Once they have finished being served, Hague Queue Management can automatically send an SMS asking what they thought of their experience.  Staff members don’t have to do anything and the questions asked can be changed by your marketing team.

Having real-time feedback can prove invaluable to service centre managers and directors in their quest to create a better experience for customers & students alike.

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