Comprehensive Guide to Gift Voucher Printing

Comprehensive Guide to Gift Voucher Printing

At Hague Australia, we understand how gift vouchers can be useful as an innovative way to promote your brand whilst also providing state-of-the-art security features. A gift voucher is a prepaid card or paper voucher that is issued by a retailer, bank or business and it is used as an alternative to cash or card payments- they tend to have an expiry date and the issuer may attach certain rules to the use of the voucher.

What Are The Benefits Of Gift Cards?

  • Flexibility

Gift cards allow recipients to choose exactly what they want, and when they want it.

  • Convenience

People can easily purchase and give gift cards whenever they need to, whilst recipients can spend them at their convenience. Even more so with the benefit of being able to redeem online, or in person.

  • Budget-Friendly

Gift cards are usually able to be purchased in a custom denomination, which makes them suitable to a range of budgets. The recipients can also use the gift voucher towards their purchase, helping them save money.

  • Customisation

Many gift cards allow for customisation, such as adding messages or selecting a specific design.

What Functional Features Can You Add To A Gift Voucher?

  • Holograms

Hologram labels offer a highly secure and tamper-evident solution for product packaging and branding. Security holograms provide an unparalleled level of protection against counterfeiters, ensuring the authenticity of your products.

  • Barcodes and serial codes

Including a barcode on your gift card means that your customers can scan it to spend and check balances. Serial codes allow your business to keep track and register how many gift cards have been issued.

  • Printing Techniques

You can use different printing techniques with a variety of printed options. If you choose to go for paper printed voucher, and not a card, you can emboss the paper or add special foils. This adds to the security level again, as it would be much harder to counterfeit with these intricate and unique additions.

Here Are 6 Ways That You Can Utilise Gift Cards As Part Of Your Marketing Strategy:

  • Branding Opportunities

Custom gift cards offer businesses a unique opportunity to reinforce and create continuous brand identity. This can be through multiple aspects- custom designs, brand logos, brand colours and assets. Gift vouchers can serve as an extension of your brand identity proving to be add value to your marketing initiatives.

  • Loyalty Programs

You can use gift cards as part of a loyalty program. This helps to encourage and incentivize repeat purchases, along with creating customer loyalty. You can offer further incentives when purchasing or using said gift cards by providing rewards for buying/spending with them.

  • Promotions

Gift vouchers can be used as part of special promotions, such as seasonal holidays and occasions. Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s Day and more can all offer themed promotions which gift vouchers would be able to be utilised within.

  • Social Media Contests

Social media can be a way in which you can employ gift vouchers and create buzz around your brand. Businesses can use social media platforms to run contests and giveaways where the prize is a gift voucher. This generates engagement and brand awareness, along with promoting user-generated content.

  • Personalised Customer Experiences

Another way of marketing your brand through gift vouchers, would be to incorporate personalisation. Examples of this would include allowing customers to customise their design or adding a message to the gift card.

  • Charity Initiatives

Using custom gift vouchers as part of a charity initiative or fundraiser is another way to create brand awareness. By donating a portion of gift card sales to charity or providing gift cards as a prize for charitable competitions, you are using your product to promote a good cause. It also helps to expose your brand to an audience who may not be aware of your business.


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