Trace Safe™ Blood Labelling

Trace Safe is a single source tag combined with a label or labels designed to eliminate potential errors in the procedure of transfusing of blood. We design the best tag or label suited to the hospital concerned and the solution is fully bespoke and can be tailored to work with any LIMS system or Remote Issue Fridges. The product is offered as an alternative to existing print options and can be supplied with additional software where integration to the LIMS system if required. In addition a full back up solution is available giving users the ability to print compatibility labels off line.

  • It is a proven blood tagging solution used extensively in the United Kingdom and Ireland
  • It is a cost-effective solution and replaces the need for expensive LIMS enhancements
  • It is a secure system utilising a software application to generate linear or 2D barcodes to achieve accurate data recording
  • It meets the demands of the MHRA
  • It can be supplied in a tag format or label along with the software options
  • It is a full solution with thermal printers and maintenance contracts supplied where specified

Trace Safe™ Blood Labelling

Additional Information:

Trace Safe CONNECT AND PRINT Software

Trace Safe CONNECT auto prints data from your LIMS system onto compatibility labels or tags via laser or thermal transfer printers. The data can be programmed to have a linear or 2D barcode capability. The applications sits on a dedicated server and integrates with the host system at the point of data file output.  The application is configured to automatically receive data from your host pathology system and print to your designated thermal or laser printer across a secure network within the laboratory.


The Trace Safe PRINT back up module enables authorised users to manually print compatibility tags and labels when the Transfusion network goes down.


When your LIMS system is down Trace Safe PRINT operates as a standalone solution utilising existing printers or new designated thermal/laser printers. A scanner is supplied and can be used alongside a PC/Laptop for manual entry which allows users to enter patient information or scan a barcode with the individual patient data if available. Once the patient data and cross match unit number is entered a label can be printed as part of normal cross match procedures. The cross match data can be exported to a csv file (optional extra) and the solution ensures no downtime is experienced when issuing cross match products.


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